A Memorial for Yoda

Recently, my teenage sisters-in-law lost their cat Yoda. Yoda was a spritely one year old cat that suddenly contracted Feline AIDS after a vet check-up she had a couple months before. The girls were absolutely devastated. They loved their cat, even though they had six others.

After weeks of moping around the house and crying for days at a time, I couldn’t stand it any longer. Yoda was buried on the side of the house under the rose bushes, her favorite spot to nap in the sun and eat the petals. I went to the veterinarian’s office and asked if they sold pet memorials, which they did. I found a beautiful memorial of an angel holding a kitty that I knew would make the girls happy to see each time they walked by, unlike the rock that they scratched Yoda’s name into with a car key.

I had the veterinarian’s office engrave Yoda’s name at the base of the memorial and had them call me when I could come and pick it up. When I got the call the next day, I was shocked to see that the pet memorial I had ordered looked beautiful with her name carved under the angel. I took it over to the girl’s house and we had a proper memorial service for Yoda that they weren’t able to give her before. My sisters-in-law were so grateful to be able to give their cat a proper burial and finally have some closure that each month on the anniversary of her death; we gather around and sprinkle catnip on the memorial so that all the other cats in the house will pay tribute too.

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