Biodegradable Pillow EcoUrns


Have you been searching for a way to put your loved ones to rest while keeping the well-being of the environment in mind? Perfect Memorials is offering up a new Biodegradable Pillow EcoUrn that serves the purpose of biodegradable ground and water burial and will break down naturally once it hits the floor of any body of water. These urns are also the perfect means for scattering as they open easily to facilitate the scattering process. This new design of EcoUrn is available for purchase in various sizes and colors and also comes with the option of custom personalization and the choice of optional artwork.

With the environment being kept in mind, these biodegradable urns are fabricated by hand and manufactured from recycled earth-friendly materials such as tree bark and bamboo. The process used to create these beautiful pieces of artwork are centuries old and ensures the preservation of the environment.

The urns will be featured in our Earth Day Sale that will run April 12th through April 22nd and will be located in our Holiday Memorials Category. Use coupon code EARTH2016 to receive 5% off your entire order. We know you will truly appreciate the unique beauty that these urns hold and the time that was put into making them. Come visit our website and take a look at what we have to offer and pick out the perfect biodegradable urn for your cremation needs.

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