Immortalize Your Loved One’s Memory With A Silver Ash Pendant

When it comes to memorial jewelry, the ash pendant is one of the most popular choices for mourners. When you lose a loved one, you want to keep their memory forever and there’s no better way to do that than with jewelry. In particular, the silver ash pendant is a favorite choice as it adds grace and compassion that will honor the memory of your loved one forever.

Death is a given and no single person can ever be replaced when they’re gone. However, they can always be remembered for as long as you live with the right piece of jewelry. Silver ash pendants can be customized to create a unique personal memory of your cherished one.

There are various pendant shapes and styles you can choose, depending on how close someone was to you. Heart-shaped ash pendants reflect the closeness of the departed one. Matters of the heart are shared with those that are closest to us, including love, laughter, companionship, and even sorrow. So it’s only fitting that someone that close is immortalized with a heart- shaped silver ash pendant.

Your lover, best friend, or even a partner in crime can never be replaced. But, you can always cherish the good times and memories you shared by adding a tiny amount of their cremated ashes to your chosen heart-shaped ash pendant.

Letter shaped pendants are also great for keeping the memory of a loved one. It could be their initials, their favorite letter, a name of something they stood for or dearly cherished, or a letter that symbolizes your love for them. Undoubtedly, using initials is the best way to keep someone’s memory as you’ll forever remember their name. Initials characterize our personality, who we are, and all that is dear in our lives. Thus, choosing an initial is a good way to immortalize a loved one. Letter ash pendants not only symbolize names of our departed loved ones, but they also honor everything that they held dear in their lives.

For religious people, there’s no better way to keep your loved ones closer to the kingdom of heaven than to use a cross pendant. A cross symbolizes faith, hope, and salvation, especially in times of desolation like death.

Whatever shape you choose, keep your loved one’s memory with a beautiful silver ash pendant to remember them for always.

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