Mini Cremation Urns the Simple Solution

People like everything in miniatures. You can find many things in mini size nowadays from food to clothes to books and even animals. Imagine having a poodle in the past and today, there is even a mini-poodle that’s less than half the size of the original or even my own tiny tea-cup Chihuahua at home. Mini is cute!

With pets coming in smaller sizes, getting a mini urn when the time calls is undeniably the right thing to do. It is a great way to memorialize your pet and although it may not be a happy thing to think about for my Chihuahua. However a fact is a fact. Dogs don’t normally outlive us, especially the more sensitive toy-breeds. A small dog will not be left with much ash after cremation and if possible, you would want to keep every tiny dust of ash. With all things miniature available in the market, you can find mini cremation urns justas easily.

This came to light while I was scouring the internet for a unique mini gift to give to my best friend who is an avid collector of everything in miniature. They have a collection of mini dolls with mini-dollhouses and mini dresses for the dolls too, apart from other collections of mini ceramic figurines and mini cars which I personally think should have been left to the boys.

Back to the mini cremation urns,I believe theyare a simple solution for pet lovers. It does not take up too much storage space and moreover, you can bring them with you anywhere. You will be having your pet close at hand anytime anywhere at home, at the office or even while travelling. A mini urn can be in any shape or design. I can even imagine them in the shape of those mini cars or a mini ceramic figurine of your pet dog.

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