Minka Kelly’s Pouch Bounced from First Class

petsMany people consider their pets their soul mates; the same is apparently true of Minka Kelly who refused to fly without proper seating for her beloved pet.  The star, known from ‘Friday Nights Lights’ the ABC sitcom refused to use her first class seat ticket after she was told that her five year old dog would not be allowed to fly with her.

Kelly was sitting in her first class seat bound for LA from New York this past Tuesday with her dog Chewie seated in a carrier at her feet.  However, a flight attendant for the Delta plane told her that the dog’s carrier was too large and that it would have to be transferred to another portion of the plane or placed into the baggage compartment.

Minka stated that she was distressed given she had called her assistant prior to takeoff in order to make sure that everything was taken care of so that she could take off with Chewie.  However, as luck would have it there was someone on board who apparently understand the need for her to be with her pet, or at least the great service that one gets in first class.

The passenger next to her said that her parents were seated back in the coach section and her dad could switch her seats if she would be willing to fly coach where she would be allowed to keep her pet.  The two made the switch and both Minka and her pet were allowed to fly together.

Although the switch was a little tedious given that the actress and the pouch only switched seats during the three hour flight for takeoff and landing, requiring that a switch be made four times throughout the flight, at least both got to travel together in style.

While many would argue that this is simply another case of celebrity behavior, those at home with pets that they love will likely tell you that they would have done the exact same thing.  After all, for some pets are their best friends.

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