Spring into Savings Sale


Spring has sprung and so have the savings! Perfect Memorials is celebrating the coming of spring with our Spring into Savings Sale. Not only will one deal be featured during this sale, but a plethora of deals that will be available all month long.

This sale begins 4/1/16 at 12:01AM CST and with run until 4/30/16 at 11PM CST. Each day a new deal will be in the spotlight such as our Butterfly On My Heart Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry or our Turtle With Jeweled Shell Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry. Use coupon code SAVESPRING16 at checkout to receive 5% off of your order.

Whether you are looking for a gift for a loved one or a keepsake to help you or someone else cope with the loss of a loved one, feel confident in picking from our wide selection of cremation jewelry for any occasion. We have a range that we are sure you will find appealing for the exact purpose that it needs to serve.

If you would like to be a part of this great sale, make way to our website on the daily and check out the many featured items in our daily deals. We know you won’t be disappointed!

Spring Sale

As the seasons change, we not only spring forward in time but also into savings. Perfect Memorials is kicking off the season of spring with our Spring Sale. With spring we tend to celebrate births, weddings and birthdays. However, this can also be a time in which we deal with loss and the passing of those close to us. At Perfect Memorials, we pride in giving you a wide selection of beautiful cremation jewelry so that you can find the perfect gift to help you or a loved one deal with a loss.

Our sale will begin 3/27/16 at 12:01am CST and run through 4/27/16 at 11pm CST. Our sale will feature blooming new deals that will appear daily in our holiday memorials category. Use coupon code SPRINGSALE16 at checkout to receive 5% off your order.

We will have featured items on sale daily such as our Love Bird Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for $18.95 or our Flowering Pearl Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for $22.95. We also have beautiful garden stones on sale that are the perfect addition to any newly flourished garden, such as our Always in My Heart River Rock Stone. Make sure you visit our site daily, as there will be new featured items that you won’t want to miss out on!

The Talk of a Lifetime

Talk of a Lifetime

How do you want to be remembered? What memories do you want to leave behind for your loved ones? What memories do your loved ones want to leave behind for you? These are all things to take into consideration when having the talk of a lifetime. Having this talk is very important and a very crucial step to take when discussing the topic of memorialization with your loved ones.

When having the talk about memorialization you want to make sure you touch all bases, including:

-Life Stories

-Life Lessons




Make sure that you talk about the things that matter most in your lives and how you want to be remembered. Having this talk can be transformative, healing and most importantly comforting. Meaningful memorialization planning starts when you sit down and really get to know your relatives and friends for what can feel like the first time. Your loved ones are important people in your life so take the time to learn what is important in their lives as well as letting them know what is important in yours.

Documenting Your Conversation

Having this talk doesn’t have to be a one-time occurrence but rather a series of conversations in which you can speak of a number of things that can involve reflecting on the past or planning for the future. When having this conversation you might want to document what is said by making an audio recording or taking notes in a journal to look back on what you learned. During your documentation feel free to bring up topics such as early childhood memories, immediate and extended family, pets, accomplishments and special memories.

When you decide to have this talk, it will give you a better understanding of who you are, where you come from and what your true values and morals are. Having the talk of a lifetime will be helpful in the future for when your family must make important decisions on how to remember you or your loved ones. Not only will you gain appreciation and respect for the history of the family members that have come before you but you will also gain insight on how to memorialize them in ways that honor the life they lived while giving you and your loved ones a chance to         and say goodbye. You can learn more on this subject matter and how you can honor those who matter most by visiting www.talkofalifetime.org. You can also download a free workbook to help you get started with your talk of a lifetime. http://www.talkofalifetime.org/workbooks/

Pet Urns

When you are a pet owner, you often share a deep connection with your faithful companion that is unlike any other. Along with this connection comes the grieving you go through when losing your pet. Losing a family pet can be the equivalent of losing a family member. It is never easy and can leave us with a feeling of emptiness. At Perfect Memorials we want to make it possible for pet owners to pay tribute to their beloved pets. We offer a large selection of Pet Cremation Urns that come with the option of personalized engraving.

These urns are available in many different designs, materials and sizes. We also offer a large collection of Biodegradable Pet Urns. We also provide urns with frames so that you can display a picture of the pet you want remembered. This is a perfect memento to keep around your home to display as a keepsake. These urns are also incomparable gifts to give to friends or relatives who are also struggling with the loss of a pet.

At Perfect Memorial’s our exquisite selection of Pet Cremation Urns range far and wide and we are sure you will find the perfect one to fulfill your memorial needs. We want the memories of your pet to be alive for years to come. Visit our website and browse our many Pet Cremation Urn options and give your pet’s memories a permanent place in your home and in your heart.

Cremation Urns

Often when our loved ones pass, they leave behind with us an abundance of memories. We never tend to forget those who were important parts of our lives and there is nothing more comforting than keeping them alive in our hearts.

At Perfect Memorials we have the ideal memorial products to give your heart and soul some solace during your time of grieving. Our collection of Cremation Urns, that are available on our website, will help you to properly store and preserve the remains of the one you have lost. We have a wide variety of sizes and designs so that you are able to pick out the appropriate urn to meet your needs.


Our collection is also available in many different materials such as metal, ceramic, wood, and stone. We also offer a large collection of Biodegradable Urns. The option of personalization with engraving on the urn of your choosing is also a service we provide to you.

These urns are made with great precision and detail to make sure that each is unique and captures the true inner beauty of the one that you want remembered. They also come in an array of different styles such as photo frames and music boxes, each coming with a plaque that can be customized with engraving.

Paying tribute to the ones that we have lost is one of the best ways to give them an infinite place in your heart and in your memories. At Perfect Memorials we want to help you preserve these memories in the best and most elegant way possible. We welcome you to pay a visit to our website where we know you will be impressed and delighted with the selection of Cremation Urns we have to offer.

St. Patrick’s Day Sale

The month of March is when we start to celebrate the coming of spring and the going of the cold and snow fall. March is also the month in which we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, a day where the luck of the Irish is acknowledged in full and four leaf clovers are out for the hunt.  Along with this, Perfect Memorials is bringing you a sale that you need not hunt for and will make you feel just as lucky.

The St. Patrick’s Day Sale will have featured items in the Holiday Memorials category of our website. This sale begins 3/3/16 at 12:01AM CST and will end 3/17/16 at 11PM CST. We will also be offering $7.77 flat rate shipping for the duration of the sale. Use coupon code PATTYDAY16 at checkout to receive 5% off of your order.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or a keepsake for yourself, we think you will find items in the St. Patrick’s Day Sale that are as good as gold. There is no need to find the end of the rainbow for these great deals, just come check out our website. Make sure to hurry before the sale ends and your luck runs out!

March Deals Days

Spring is in the air, and so is a brand new set of deals! Perfect Memorials is offering up deals all throughout the month of March. Spring is also the season of renewal, a time to start fresh. With that mentality in mind we are giving you fresh new deals to look forward to everyday.


Along with renewal, we also come face to face with the passing of loved ones to the next life. In a sense, this is another form of renewal that is not easy, but one we must deal with. At Perfect Memorials we want to help with the grieving process by having keepsakes and beautiful memorial products readily available for purchase.

Our sale will feature many different keepsakes such as Stacked Hearts Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for $19.95 or our Gift From God Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry for $20.95. This sale will begin 3/1/16 at 12:01AM CST, and will run through 3/31/16 at 11PM CST and will be featured in our daily deals category. Use coupon code MARCHDAYS2016 at checkout to get 5% off your order.

Whether you are looking for a gift or a means to help someone close to you carry on from the passing of a loved one, these March deals on our website is the perfect place to look. Each day offers something new, so be sure to check back often to see what we have on deck.

National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

We have known and celebrated national holidays in memory or respect of great leaders, nature, and human rights. However, it is interesting to find that there exists a day like the National Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. While dog lovers would understand the purpose behind the day, other people might not find any real relevance in the celebration of this day. Read the rest of this entry »

Love Your Pet Day

Pets hold a very special place in our hearts. They show us companionship and an unconditional love that can’t be compared. They are loyal and give us comfort and relief from the stresses of everyday life. We repay our pets with the same love that they give us on a daily basis but Love Your Pet Day, which takes place on February 20th, is the perfect opportunity to truly show our beloved pets how much they mean to us. There are many different things that you can do for your pet (big or small) on this day.

Take them out for a long walk, or take them to a special park. This will ensure that they get plenty of exercise and some much needed fresh air.

Give them a special treat. Give them something that you wouldn’t normally give them on a different day. This can be something that you pick up from a pet store or something that you decide to make yourself.

Give them a nice bath and brush them afterwards. No animal hates baths (unless it’s a cat) which in that case, you can just brush them for a little longer than you normally would and skip the bath.

Let your rodent out of its cage for a while longer. Let them roam around and explore their surroundings. Any animal that is kept in a small space for long periods of time needs to be let out and free to walk around in larger spaces for a time.

Give them extra attention. Don’t feel like you need to spend every waking moment with your animal, but just make sure that they acknowledge that someone loves and cares about them and wants them around.

These are all small and simple acts of love that can make them feel like they are on top of the world. They give us so much joy in our lives, the least that can be done is to give them a day where it’s all about them. At Perfect Memorials, we understand how much pets mean and acknowledge this day full heartedly. We also understand that losing a pet in a very difficult thing to deal with and want to remember those pets that we have lost and give them the same recognition as those that are still with us. We have a very vast variety of pet memorial products that will help you properly send off your pet and keep the memories of them alive for years and years to follow.  From pet urns to pet caskets and many other pet memorials, we know you will find something that will assist you in the burial and remembrance of your beloved pet.


Embroidered Velvet Urn Bags

When we have an urn that contains our loved ones remains in our possession we want to make sure they are displayed tastefully and also protected. At Perfect Memorials we are offering Embroidered Velvet Urn Bags to ensure that all urns and their precious contents are displayed in and elegant manner and protected against the everyday wears and tears.

These bags come in different sizes and can include customized embroidery according to preference. They can be used to hold the ashes inside the urn or for the use of holding the urn itself. They also come in different colors so that you can find the perfect look and design of bag to house your urn in. Embroidery can vary from a poem or a name, an image or a monogram so that you can truly customize your bag. Included with the embroidered bags is a plastic bag for the purpose of holding the ashes in the velvet bag inside the urn.

These superbly embroidered bags start at a handsome price of $9.95 and range according to size up to $21.95. Come check out our website under the Embroidered Urn Bags category and see what we have to offer.