Steve Jobs to be Cremated in an Apple Shaped Urn

Steve Jobs was the co-creator of Apple, one of the most popular computer and technology brands of the world. He was famous for his iMac, iPods and iPhones, and he is now passed on after a long and difficult battle with stomach cancer at the age of 56.

According to those that Jobs worked with, he was a creative genius and a visionary that nobody could contend with. He was also revered as a dear friend and a very inspiring mentor that would take anyone under his wing to offer his guidance and wisdom.

The day of his death, flags were at half-mast at the Apple Headquarters as they played host to a media event to show off the new iPhone. While it was said that Jobs had an obviously hot temper, and a keen attention to detail, he left the game at his prime.

Steve Jobs will be cremated on a date that is still yet to be determined. His cremation urn is said to be a beautiful candy apple red color with the Apple logo engraved in the side. The company that is creating the urn says that they love to do these type of personalized cremation urns because they add something special to the ceremony but they also make the inevitable, death, a little more entertaining and realistic. They feel that there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to display the things that you loved in the world even in death. And Steve Jobs obviously loved Apple.

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LiaOctober 13th, 2011 at 3:59 am

Online news here and there say Jobs was buried.Infact an embalmer signed his death certificate.There is so much speculation now that the whole thing must be very annoying to the family.If this is another joke it isn’t very funny since in this day and age people want and need the truth.Most of life now seems to be a reality show or a joke.

There are so many companies promoting cremation now that the use of celebs might be a temptation but it’s really very disgusting to do so I believe.

I wish people would think about the families feelings and not try to make money off of Jobs death or any other famous person with a family in mourning.

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