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About Bronze Grave Markers

Choosing a burial marker can be a difficult process, but bronze grave markers are some of the most popular and meaningful options. Perfect Memorials offers a range of bronze markers with different sizes, textures, background colors, borders, and images. Our skilled team can help you find the right marker for your taste and budget, as well as one that meets your cemetery's requirements.

All cemeteries have their own specific guidelines about what types of markers are permitted, so make sure that you know the regulations before you place your order. Bronze grave markers are very common, and most cemeteries will accept them, but they may have further regulations concerning size, any images, require text, and more. Perfect Memorials will perform a cemetery verification before your marker is made to help ensure that it meets all of these guidelines, but it's better to know what's permitted before ordering your marker to avoid any surprises.

Size Options

Perfect Memorials offers four standard sizes of bronze grave markers:

  • 24" W x 12" H
  • 24" W x 14" H
  • 28" W x 16" H
  • 36" W x 14" H

Each marker is 3/4" thick and weighs between 22 and 45 lbs., depending on the size. Due to the casting process, the actual size may vary slightly.

Bronze cemetery markers typically need to be installed on a base of granite or concrete, or in a poured wet concrete slab. Perfect Memorials does not provide bases for bronze markers, so you'll want to contact your cemetery to discuss the installation process. Most markers are installed by the “conceal-mount" technique, so we will include the required hardware.

Burial Marker Customization

Because of their relatively large size, bronze grave markers have space for up to 8 lines of engraving with 55 characters per line. Most people choose to include the name of the deceased, dates of birth and death, and a short poem or epitaph. Although your cemetery may require specific information on the marker, you don't need to fill up all of the available space; in fact, the more text you ask for, the smaller it will be. Our experienced designers will lay out your requested engraving on the marker and send you a proof for approval.

Images and Artwork

While custom artwork can be added to bronze memorial markers, we have a number of standard images that you may wish to choose from. These include a soaring eagle, a fly fishing figure, a cross and praying hands, roses, and more. Please note that some cemeteries may require a religious image on the marker. If you plan to install the marker in a Catholic cemetery, for example, check to see if a cross or other similar image is needed.

Style Options

All bronze grave markers from Perfect Memorials are available with a variety of options for border, background color, and background texture. You can also choose an optional removable bronze vase.

The border options available for bronze markers include the raised single line, raised double line, painted bevel border, polished bevel border, or no border at all. Most of these options are available at no additional cost, although the polished bevel border is slightly more expensive. Note that some cemeteries may require a beveled edge.

You have several options when it comes to the background of the marker. Your background color options are light brown, dark brown, or black. In terms of background texture, you can choose from pebble, leather, or plain. Dark brown pebble is our most popular selection.

Proofing, Verification, and Delivery

Once you submit your order, our graphics team will quickly put together a proof showing how the bronze grave marker will appear. We will send it to you for review to ensure that there are no errors and that you approve of the layout. We also ask that you provide us with the name, address, and phone number of the cemetery where the marker will be placed so that we can verify that it meets all of their requirements.

It typically takes 5 to 6 weeks for the marker to be design and made due to the personalization process. In most cases, cemeteries recommend that you do not install a marker of any kind for several weeks after burial to allow the soil to settle. Many cemeteries allow a marker to be installed within several months of burial, and sometimes up to a year later.

Bronze grave markers from Perfect Memorials include free ground delivery in the 48 continental United States. At your request, we can also deliver your marker directly to the cemetery of your choice. Please call 1-800-979-8767 with any questions you may have about engraving, customization, cemetery regulations, or other concerns.

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