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Challenge Coin Display

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About Challenge Coin Display

Proudly show off the coins and medallions give to you or a loved one with an attractive challenge coin display from Perfect Memorials. These military coin display stands include slots where coins can be placed on edge, allowing them to be seen clearly and easily. With the popularity of challenge coins growing, display stands are the perfect way to keep all of your treasures in one organized location.

What Are Challenge Coins?

A challenge coin is a small medallion with a customized design that typically includes an organization's insignia. They are given to members of the group to prove membership or to commemorate a special event. Challenge coins are especially popular among military service units, where they may be given in recognition of a particular achievement, or as a token of someone's visit to the group.

Traditionally, these coins are meant to be kept on the person who was given the coin. Members of the organization can challenge others to produce their coins, and if they do not have them, a penalty is enacted – often, paying for the next round of drinks.

While challenge coins are most commonly used by military service members, there are other organizations that distribute them. A number of police and fire departments, sports leagues, and fraternal organizations give them to members.

Challenge Coin Displays

While they're traditionally kept on one's person, many people who have been given coins as gifts or who have the coins of a deceased family member may like to display them. A challenge coin display allows you to show off your coins in a respectful way, as well as providing a place to keep them safe and organized.

Because these medallions represent the special bond between members of a group or unit, challenge coin display stands asre a meaningful way to remember and honor past experiences. By displaying your coins, you show your pride in your unit.

When you buy a display stand from Perfect Memorials, you can expect a well-crafted, quality rack. Our beautiful wooden stands hold multiple coins of different sizes. We also offer custom engraving on an attached brass plate, so you can personalized your display.

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