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Flag Cases

About Flag Cases

When you want to display an American flag with honor and respect, a flag case from Perfect Memorials is a beautiful way to do so. Our flag display cases are made from quality materials, including solid woods, and feature oak, walnut, and cherry finishes. Choose from several cases that are made to hold standard-size burial flags, or a smaller flag holder.

Most wood flag cases are about 25" to 26" wide, 12-3/4" to 13" high, and 3-1/4" to 4-1/4" deep. This is the proper size to hold a standard burial flag, which is 5' x 9-1/2' when fully open. U.S. flags are folded correctly, they are in a triangle shape with the blue field of stars on top; this is what will show through the glass lid on the flag display case. Smaller cases are also available, made to fit a flag that is 3' x 5' in size.

Choosing a Flag Case

Most flag cases are similar in shape and size, so you'll want to consider other features when choosing your case. Your wood finish options include oak, cherry, and walnut, so consider which color would look best in your home. In addition, some cases have a front hinge closure, while others open from the back. While most cases have a glass lid, you can also have the option of a solid wood flag holder that can be opened for display. All flag cases from Perfect Memorials are wall mountable.

You may also have the option to include a service medallion or the Great Seal of the United States on your flag display case. Depending on which flag case you choose, the seal will be embossed on the glass or added as a medallion.

Flag Case Personalization

The flag cases from Perfect Memorials all include an optional engraved plaque. Rather than engraving directly onto the glass, the small plaque can be placed anywhere that you choose on the display case. You'll can add at least three lines of engraving with 25 characters (or more) each.

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