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Forever Together 14k White and Yellow Gold Butterfly Earrings (PM7343)

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Product Information

All jewelry is custom-made per order. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery.
Outsize Size:
approx. 3/4"L x 3/4"W

These exquisite Forever Together 14k White and Yellow Gold Butterfly Earrings are designed by Diana Olson to capture the sentiment, emotion, and everlasting love we hold for our child, sibling, or grandchild to remember them in a beautiful and meaningful way.

The butterfly is the foundation of the memorial jewelry symbolizing our loved ones who have departed to enter another dimension. While nothing can truly replace the love lost, or mend the shattered heart, we hope this jewelry will provide some degree of warmth and comfort.

Forever Together

The Together Forever Story

We'll never forget that moment on August 24, 1976. We were about to leave Lugano, Switzerland for a trip to St. Moritz, on the third week of our honeymoon. I called my London office to see if there were any messages. We had given that number to our family in the event of an emergency. The routine was that I would call once a week "collect" and the office would not accept the call if there were no messages. The first two calls were not accepted. This time I was put through to the manager.

"Hi, Bob," he said. "How is the trip going?"

I responded, "Great Peter. Really appreciate your help with the hotel reservation...."

"Bob, I'm afraid I'm the bearer of some terrible news...your two daughters and their mother were killed in an airplane crash this past Tuesday in the mountains of Colorado."
My body went limp, knees buckling...breath sucked out of my lungs as if I had taken a blow to the stomach...

I handed the phone to my bride as I wobbled backward searching for the wall to support me. Three days later we buried them, and my bride, Diana, became the new mother of the surviving teenage girls, Stacey and Kirsten, ages 15 and 12...

We fast forward with many years of emotion. We have always kept Lori and Heather, ages 10 and 7 when they died, very much in the present. In June 1998, through the inspiration of The Compassionate Friends, an international organization for bereaved parents, my wife, Diana gave birth to the design of the "Forever Together" Pin/Pendant. She designed the pin and the other pieces of jewelry to memorialize the death of our children and others throughout the world. While the jewelry was especially designed to memorialize children, others have found comfort in wearing the jewelry to memorialize the loss of a spouse, parents and grandparents. We feel as if Lori and Heather have helped us in some way with the vision that culminated in the beautiful heart-shaped pin/pendant heart with the butterfly perched on top symbolizing the birth of a new life...

May these works of art bring you some degree of solace...and become an outer expression of your inner emotion that burns inside you always....

Forever Together

You left so soon,
A presence so bright
That you had to go
Just doesn't seem right

But forever, we will be together
Forever Together

For you came to us through love
Returning it in so many ways
Oh, how you were cherished
each and every day

Replacing the pain of unanswerable questions
Memories are etched in our soul
Polished by streams of tears
Filling a bottomless hole

Oh it hurts so much, so deeply
Time doesn't seem to care

Your spirit remaining inside us
Makes living a tolerable affair

It's your spirit living inside us
Making us aware
We are Forever Together
And that is an answered prayer

© Bob Olson - June 2000

In memory of our daughters,
Lori and Heather Olson,
and our niece, Ann Olson...
as well as all other children who have gone before their time.

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