Funeral Urns for People

Learn about Funeral Urns for People

When a loved one has passed away, finding a beautiful funeral urn to hold their remains shouldnít be a chore. At Perfect Memorials, we offer a wide selection of urns for cremation that fit every budget and personal style. Whether youíre looking for a classic Grecian urn or a stunning sculpture urn, youíre certain to find exactly what youíre looking for.

Funeral urns for people come in many styles and materials. Choose from a variety of options, including:

This is only a sampling of the many urn styles that we have available. Many of our urns for cremation are available in multiple sizes, from keepsake urns to extra-large sizes. Depending on the urn, you may also be able to add custom engraving to your purchase.

Choosing a Funeral Urn

When looking for an urn, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, youíll need to know the weight of your person before the cremation, as this will let you determine how big of an urn you need. Generally speaking, one pound of weight at the time of cremation equals one cubic inch of cremains. All of the urns for cremation on Perfect Memorials list the amount of cremains that they can hold, so youíll be able to choose the right size for your needs. Itís perfected acceptable to choose a urn thatís bigger than what you think you might need.

Next, consider where youíll put the urn. If you plan to place the ashes in a columbarium, youíll need to know the size of the niche and select a cremation urn that will fit inside. Urns for cremation and burial will likely require an urn vault to hold them. Of course, if you plan on keeping the urn in your home, you can choose any style that you like. You may also want to purchase a cremation urn stand to hold it secure.

Our funeral urns have been organized by popular categories, including the material that they are made of and common themes, like angels or butterflies. You can also use the Urn Finder to help you find the correct size urn. Perfect Memorials guarantees the lowest price, free ground delivery, and no sales tax.

Cremation Urn Finder
Today's Specials Today's Specials 3899 Products $4.95 to $1,495.00
Metal Cremation Urns Metal Cremation Urns 1306 Products $7.77 to $2,389.95
Biodegradable Urns Biodegradable Urns 103 Products $12.95 to $249.95
Wood Cremation Urns Wood Cremation Urns 2038 Products $5.95 to $750.00
Heavenly Creations Sculpture Cremation Urns Heavenly Creations Sculpture Cremation Urns 678 Products $6.99 to $475.99
Keepsake and Sharing Urns Keepsake and Sharing Urns 573 Products $4.95 to $550.00
Stone Cremation Urns Stone Cremation Urns 238 Products $11.95 to $2,999.95
Engraving and Personalization Options Engraving and Personalization Options 169 Products $8.95 to $1,495.00
Velvet Cremains or Urn Bags Velvet Cremains or Urn Bags 53 Products $4.95 to $21.95
Cloisonne Cremation Urns Cloisonne Cremation Urns 117 Products $12.95 to $449.95
Companion Cremation Urns Companion Cremation Urns 449 Products $34.95 to $2,999.95
Photo Frame Cremation Urns Photo Frame Cremation Urns 56 Products $5.95 to $349.95
Glass and Crystal Urns Glass and Crystal Urns 66 Products $159.00 to $1,700.00
Ceramic Cremation Urns Ceramic Cremation Urns 59 Products $89.00 to $575.00
Angel Urns & Memorials Angel Urns & Memorials 75 Products $39.95 to $499.95
Flower Urns & Memorials Flower Urns & Memorials 211 Products $12.95 to $2,389.95
Bird Urns and Memorials Bird Urns and Memorials 128 Products $12.95 to $1,795.00
Book and Library Urns Book and Library Urns 155 Products $39.95 to $1,760.95
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How to select the right size urn

Enter in an approximate weight of your loved one before cremation and we will tell you the size needed.

Choosing the right size urn

Try finding an urn with our easy cremation urn finder.

Choosing the right size urn is easy. For every one pound before cremation you will need 1 cubic inch of volume. For example, a loved one weighing 200 pounds will need an urn that is at least 200 cubic inches or larger. Choosing an urn larger then you need is OK.