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About Keepsake Boxes

Perfect for holding jewelry, a lock of hair, dried flowers, or other mementos, keepsake boxes are a wonderful way to store important small items. Choose from larger wood or smaller carved stone boxes, in shapes including round, oval, square, and heart-shaped. Memorial keepsake boxes are ideal for placing on a mantelpiece, shelf, or display table to hold those mementos that you want to keep close at hand.

Size and Material Options

Perfect Memorials offers several types of keepsake boxes, including those made of wood and stone. Wooden boxes can be personalized with an engraved plaque that is attached to the box. Because of the shape and material, stone boxes cannot be engraved.

Most boxes are relatively small, but they are just the right size to hold a wedding ring or two, a newspaper clipping, a special photograph, or a small sprig of dried flowers. These special treasures will be held and protected inside. Many of our stone keepsake boxes have angels carved into the lids, representing comfort, protection, and the peace of the next life.

Design Options

While there are a variety of different keepsake box types to choose from, there are some common options. You can find both wood and stone boxes that include a meaningful poem inscribed on the outside of the box, often about the special memories of loved ones that we treasure. The lid on a wood box may be hinged and have a metal clasp, while stone memorial keepsake boxes typically have a lid that lifts off completely. Boxes are typically not made to be permanently sealed, but instead give you the opportunity of opening and examining the contents when you want to share a special memory.

Stone keepsake boxes are durable but elegant, and the design is hand-carved. In addition to one of several types of angels on the lid, you can also find hearts and other designs on the sides and often inside many boxes. While these boxes are strong and durable, it's important to treat them gently to avoid any chance of breakage.

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