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About Memorial Markers

Made of 100% recycled cast aluminum, “In Memory of" memorial markers are a wonderful way to honor a departed loved one. These memorial signs are available in several shapes, styles, and colors. Both wall markers and garden signs are available, allowing you to choose the option that's best for your needs.

All memorial markers include the phrase, “In Memory of" at the top. Underneath this phrase, each marker can be personalized with two lines of custom engraving. The first, with 17 available characters, is usually where you'd put the deceased person's name. The second, with 14 characters, is typically reserved for the individual's birthdate and date of passing. The characters in each line will be 1.5" tall on the final product.

Design Options

Memorial markers from Perfect Memorials are available in several different shapes and styles. Choose from a basic rectangular shape, a rectangle with the top and bottom sides expanded out, or one with notches on the corners and a small, rounded protuberance at the top. All three designs are available in wall mount or garden sign form.

You also have a number of options when it comes to colors:

  1. Black background with gold letters
  2. Bronze background with gold letters
  3. Black background with white letters
  4. Dark green background with gold letters
  5. Burnished copper background with copper letters

The exact sizes of each memorial sign varies according to the shape, but all are between 8.5" and 9.25" high and 17" wide.

Wall Markers and Garden Signs

The main difference between memorial markers made for the wall and those made for the lawn or garden is now the sign is attached. Wall memorial signs include holes on either end and come with mounting hardware so that they can be affixed to a wall or other surface. Garden signs come with two short stakes that can be attached to the bottom rear of the memorial sign and driven into the ground, allowing the marker to stand vertically in your lawn or garden.

A garden memorial sign is ideal if you do not have a wall on which to attach a marker or cannot do so for any reason. It's also a great way to create a special dedicated garden area where you can sit or walk to remember your loved one.

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