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About Personalized Stone Garden Benches

Personalized memorial benches are a wonderful way to memorialize a loved one who has passed away. These small stone garden benches include a quote that is permanently printed on the seat and an attached black plaque that has room for three lines of custom engraving. You can place one of these engraved benches in your yard or garden, offering you a place to sit and reflect on life.

Perfect Memorials offers benches with a variety of quote options, from brief memorials like “Forever Remembered / Forever Missed," to longer quotes about love and loss. Whichever seat you choose, you'll have a loving reminder of the deceased. Due to the nature of the stone material, the exact layout and placement of the quote may vary slightly between benches. We'll always do our best to ensure that each personalized bench is created with quality and craftsmanship in mind. Like all items from Perfect Memorials, our personalized stone garden benches come with free ground delivery.

Personalized Bench Sizes

The personalized memorial benches from Perfect Memorials are relatively small, which makes them an ideal addition to your garden or yard. While the sizes may vary slightly by product, each bench sits about 14.5" to 15" tall with a seat that's approximately 29" x 12". The seat itself may be generally rectangular or slightly curved, depending on the specific style. All of these benches are strong and durable, with sturdy legs that can hold over 200 lbs.

Personalization Options

The engravable plaque on your personalized bench has space for 3 lines of text, with 18 characters per line. This is just the right amount of space for the deceased's name, birthdate, and date of passing, or a brief tribute to the individual. You don't need to use up all of the space available; our talented engravers will arrange your requested text so that it fills the space appropriately and looks its best.

The plaques on our personalized memorial benches are centered on the top edge of the seat and attached with a strong weatherproof adhesive. Depending on the bench that you choose, the plaque may be oval or rectangular, but all include the same number of lines and characters.

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