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60 Serenity Heart Stone & Heart Dish - Assortment Package (PM3199)

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Product Information

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Outsize Size:
Stones 1-1/4" H - Dish 6-3/4" W

An inspiring gift of comfort for loved ones or a special remembrance gift at a service. These beautiful stones touch the hearts and lives of people in incredible ways.

These symbolic stones of hope have helped some connect with a renewed sense of comfort and peace. For others it may be a symbol of hope, healing or connectedness. Honor what you feel in your heart and go from there…

Assortment includes 60 Serenity Heart Stone and Heart Dish. Heart dish holds the individual envelops sent with the stones or put a photo or service memorial cards in the dish holder.

Poem Included on Envelope:
God grant me the Serenity
To accept the things
I cannot change...

The Courage
To change the things I can...

And the Wisdom
To know the difference.