50,000 Yr. Old Ancient Kauri Wood Gold Cylinder Memorial Jewelry (PM10663)

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This jewelry is designed to hold a small portion of ashes, hair or dried ceremonial flowers.

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Exterior Dimensions:
1-1/2" H x 1/2" W
1 cubic inches

The Ancient Kauri Wood Cylinder Memorial Jewelry is crafted from 50,000 year old wood and high polished stainless steel. Ancient Kauri memorial jewelry features a glow that makes it look more like a shining gem than a piece of wood. Though stunning in photographs, the depth and intricacy of detail in the wood and illustrious sheen is something you must experience first hand. This is truely an exquisite and extremely rare piece. Memorial jewelry carved from Ancient Kauri wood is designed to hold a small amount of cremains, a bit of crushed flowers, a few grains of burial soil or a lock of hair. Ancient Kauri’s strength, endurance and splendor are ideal for creating exquisite memorial jewelry that’s worthy of its precious contents. This beautiful piece of jewelry is created and designed, in the U.S.A., by a professional jeweler. Our jewelers create each memorial pendant one at a time with a highest level of precision and detail possible. The pendant may be worn or displayed in a glass dome. Easily seals with a threaded top. Wood color and pattern may vary.

Optional Engraving
An optional engraving can be done in either a script or block style font. Engraving can be up to 2 lines, 25 characters per line. Engraving will be done on the front and/or back of the cylinder.

Ancient Kauri
Deep within the swamps of New Zealand lies the secret of Ancient Kauri, the oldest workable wood known to mankind. The mighty Kauri tree’s majesty and rare beauty contribute to the mystique surrounding Ancient Kauri, but an unexplained act of nature during the last Ice Age is the reason Ancient Kauri is now known as one of the world’s most exotic woods.

Ancient Kauri History
More than 50,000 years ago, a mysterious natural phenomenon buried the Kauri forest beneath a peat swamp. (If you find it hard to place 50,000 years in a historical time frame, just consider that the depressions that became the Great Lakes were fully formed only 16,000 years ago, and wooly mammoths and saber tooth tigers have been extinct for about 10,000 years.)

Yet, excavators who ultimately uncovered the fallen wood found that the timber was perfectly preserved rather than petrified or turned to coal. The precise reason for this phenomenon – the pristine condition of the Ancient Kauri – while a subject of scientific debate, is almost certainly related to the unique environment in which the Kauri wood remained sealed for centuries.

Although scientists haven’t determined exactly how the Kauri forests came to be buried, they have provided some understanding of the history of Ancient Kauri and the Kauri tree. We know that Kauri trees grew for nearly 2,000 years before they were buried, for example, and that the oldest Kari trees are found in the northern half of New Zealand’s North Island. (In general, researchers have determined that the further north Kauri is found, the older it tends to be.)

The early settlers of New Zealand began harvesting large amounts of Ancient Kauri around the late 1800s and early 1900s. First used to build ships, Ancient Kauri was later used in houses, bridges and furniture.

About Ancient Kauri
Today, the Kauri tree continues to grow in New Zealand and other Pacific Rim countries, including Australia, Fiji Islands, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia. Kauri is one of the largest-growing trees in the world, with some rising to nearly 200 feet tall and measuring 40 feet around!

The extracted Ancient Kauri is the oldest workable wood in the world, its exquisite properties revered by furniture builders, boat makers, and wood artisans.

Ancient Kauri reflects a most unusual beauty. Its defining quality, known as chatoyance, gives the wood grain a prominent three-dimensional appearance – deep, shimmering and iridescent. This quality is also known as whitebait, after a very small fish that swims in large schools in the ocean off New Zealand. As whitebait swim through the water, they turn from shiny silver to invisible to bright and iridescent in a matter of seconds. Ancient Kauri finishes to a deep, rich cognac color with shades and textures that change according to the lighting.

Similar in density to cherry and with textures similar to basswood, Ancient Kauri has its own unique feeling, different from any other type of wood.

Environmental Profile
Ancient Kauri is harvested using sound ecological practices. By definition, Ancient Kauri is fallen wood, and harvesting does not affect any live or standing trees. Extracting the Ancient Kauri logs is a challenge requiring the expert use of heavy machinery by skilled operators. Great care is taken both in removing the logs and in restoring the area to its original condition after the wood is removed.

New Zealand’s live Kauri trees are protected by conservation laws.