A Guide to Conducting a Pet Funeral

Some people may consider pet funerals inappropriate but for anyone that has had a dog or a cat, the pet has become an important part of the family. The pet funeral will make a lot of sense because it will provide some kind of closure.

Are you faced with the task of conducting a pet funeral? Though you are probably overcome by sorrow, you will still need to think about several practical considerations and aspects related to funeral planning.

Get Your Children Involved
Do you have children? They need to be a part of the ceremony as much, as you do.

Allow your kids to pick the “coffin” and the memorial garden stone. There are many opportunities to pick among and making the selection will take their minds away from the sorrow for the lost pet.

Get the Burial Site Ready
Any spot in the backyard will be suitable for the burial of a pet. It could be the pet’s favorite spot or the space underneath a tree. The decision should once again get the entire family involved.

Dig the hole in advance. It should be deep enough to keep predators from trying to get to the remains.

Hold the Ceremony
The ceremony can be held in any way that the family deems appropriate. Usually everybody will gather at the site. Some of the family members will probably wish to say several words about the pet. If you want to, you could also share a favorite story, an anecdote or something funny connected to having the puppy or kitten as a part of the family.

Bury the coffin and place flowers on top of the grave. You may also consider placing other souvenirs like photographs or the favorite toy there.

Remember that there are no strict rules for organizing a pet funeral. Do what feels right and rely on the input of family members. The ritual should be something that all of you will be capable of using as the start of the healing process. This is why you should do whatever you instinctively feel is best for everyone involved.

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