Aide for pets in the San Bruno fire

the San Bruno fireResidents of the San Bruno area are not the only one’s affected by the giant gas explosion in the area that rocked the neighborhood as many pets that lived within the area were also injured or displaced.  In response to the tragedy the PHS/SPCA has stepped up and is working on reuniting displaced pets with their families while also providing shelter and supplies for pets that in need.

Residents of the affected area of San Bruno who temporarily have been displaced from their residencies after the fires can find temporary shelter, pet supplies, and pet food for their pets at the PHS/SPCA shelter on 12 Airport Blvd.  As of now over two dozen pets have been taken to the shelter many of which were reunited with their owners in housing that is pet friendly.

Those who have their pets but have lost many of their possessions can head to the PHS/SPCA shelter for supplies such as leashes, pet food, and dog beds.  The agency is also visiting homes that have animals in them to make sure that there is ample water and food available for them.  At the moment there are no reports of pets trapped in homes or left behind without proper access to water or food.

Only two owners have been found wondering the devastated area and in both cases the owners were found.  In addition, it is uplifting to hear that only one pet was reported dead and there are no reports of pets that suffered serious injuries.  Less than a dozen pets are currently missing and most of these are outdoor cats that likely ran out of the area after the explosion frightened them.

Those who looking for their pets or those who come across lost pets are asked to come to the PHS/SPCA between the hours of 11am and 7pm daily and between 11am to 6pm on the weekend.  Due to an overflow of support, the shelter is asking that those who want to help continue to make monetary donations but at the time pet food is no longer needed.

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