Angelina Jolie’s Unique take on Pet Memorials

Astoria Style Hummingbird Cremation Urn

Astoria Style Hummingbird Cremation Urn

When it comes to pet memorials, everyone has a different viewpoint on what they prefer. However, Angelina Jolie’s latest attempt is a bit much except for the small population that may happen to think like her. The latest in the star’s bizarre parenting and lifestyle habits comes in the shape of how she decided to deal with her son’s discovery of a dead bird.

Jolie’s son, age four, found a dead bird in the yard and instead of shying away from the topic or taking the opportunity to explain death; she listened to his request to have a dead pet. Granted, she did obviously explain about disease since she would not allow him to keep this particular bird, but she did memorialize the bird and her son’s wishes in an odd manner.

Her next move was to head to the taxidermist and have a dead bird correctly prepared free of disease and preserved so that her son could keep this new dead bird as a pet. While most people will not go this far to deal with the situation of a dead pet on their hands, there are dozens of other ways to pick out the perfect pet memorials to honor the memory of their pet.

Cremation pet urns, pet memorial statues, and inscribed plaques are all great ways to preserve the memory of a beloved pet and are now widely available due to the web. If you have a pet that you want to properly memorialize there are now thousands of options to choose from so that your pet can properly be laid to rest.

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