Create a Unique Memorial for Your Loved One

A funeral is a final ceremony that a person is given as they cross over to the other side. While these events can become very formal, you can do several things to give the services an extra special touch.

Funeral flowers are an obvious choice. These flowers can be added to the event, adding some beauty to an otherwise somber day. You can go for traditional flowers like the lily, or you can take advantage of some of the other flower arrangements that are available.

A memorial photograph can be proudly displayed in the room to remind people of what the individual looked like in life. A very common approach in closed casket funerals, they can also be placed in open casket funerals, as not everyone will want to walk up to the coffin and to view the body one last time.

Photo cremation urns are another way a personalized and unique experience can be created. For these urns, take a beautiful photograph of the person you love and have it placed on the urn. You can then etch the dates of life of the individual and their name into the urn and safe keep it in your home, or at the graveyard.

Memorial candles are growing in popularity. These customized candles incorporate a calming scent like vanilla or lavender and the lid is stamped with the individual’s information and given out at the funeral. There can even be a prayer placed on them so when a person has it lit in the deceased’s memory, a prayer can be incorporated into it.

Also popular during the funeral services are the release of doves and butterflies. Sent off as the final words of the preacher are said, this is to show peace and good will for the individual as they continue to make their journey to heaven.

You can take a number of different approaches when planning a funeral for a loved one and doing something in memory of them. Consider these options and find one that seems to be the perfect match for the funeral being planned.

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