Giving Your Pet Peace: When It’s Time to Say Goodbye

As a pet owner, you have known a great deal of joy with your pet, especially if it has been with you since puppyhood. However, with that joy also comes the knowledge that one day, you will have to say goodbye and perhaps even make the choice to help your pet pass peacefully due to illness or advanced old age. As a responsible pet owner, this is a difficult but necessary choice, and one of the ways to make dealing with the grief a little easier is to plan ahead. By knowing when you plan to help your pet pass, what to expect, and planning on dealing with the remains, such as understanding your options on pet urns, you will have a greater peace of mind about the process.

Talking with your vet about euthanasia can help you make the right decision about when it’s time to say goodbye. Your vet can help you to understand about your pet’s quality of life, whether or not it is in pain, and whether or not the treatment options will prolong its life for the better. While the final choice is yours concerning your pet’s treatment, you should consider whether or not it is suffering. When a pet can no longer eat, drink, or cannot control its bladder or bowels because of sickness or old age, helping it pass peacefully will give you comfort during the grieving process.

Planning for your pet’s death is also another healthy way to deal with the unpleasant reality of euthanasia. There are a number of pet caskets and other containers available that will allow you to lay your friend to rest with dignity. Your veterinarian can advise you on your options for burial or cremation, but as a pet owner, knowing that you made the best choice will make this difficult time a little easier to bear.

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