How To Plan The Perfect Memorial Using An Urn For Dog Ashes

If your family pet is reaching the end of life, part of grieving involves deciding how to memorialize him or her. It is no surprise that you want to memorialize your pooch as dogs are the best friend that a human could possibly have. They are loyal and they always know how to make you smile, even on the worst days. So a memorial service using an urn for dog ashes is becoming a popular option for grieving pet owners.


Finding the right location for your pet’s memorial service and for urns for dogs’ ashes is just as important as doing it for anyone else. If you want to have it in your home or your backyard, you should make sure that you pick a place that is comfortable for you and also great for displaying an urn for dog ashes. Small pet urns tend to be a lot easier to place than large dog urns.

Picking The Urn

The urn that you choose for your best friend’s ashes is also very important as you will be looking at it and it should remind you of the good times you both had. One idea is to choose the right size for your dog. If you had a large breed dog, then large dog urns may be what best reminds you of them. Small pet urns for smaller breeds are also available.

Find Help

Planning a funeral and looking at urns for dogs’ ashes can be very overwhelming for some people so there is no shame in finding help. Family and friends can be the best support that you have during this hard time and you should be asking them for help. Pet services are offered by some funeral homes and these services can be a great help in your moment of grief.

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