Kinds of Pet Urns to Keep Everlasting Memories of Your Favorite Pets

Losing a pet gives very painful experience. You can memorialize your pet in a symbolic way by just buying pet urns for ashes. Previously, pet urns were found in a vase shape or sometimes rectangle or square design only. These days, these are easily available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Mentioned below are some popular types of pet urns available in the market.

Pet Figurine Urns

These are relatively new segment and a small dog or cat figurine is attached to the upper portion of these wooden rectangular urns.  Models that are designed from resin or composite materials resemble a dog or cat. A pet figurine urn can transform your living environs into a good home decor.

Wooden Pet Urns

These are rich in natural textures and tones that give a hint of natural warmth.  Natural solid woods in different finishes and shapes are used for keeping ashes of your favorite pet.  You can customize them with your pet’s name, image or anything that you want to keep in front of your eyes forever. Wooden materials like cedar, pine, oak, walnut and mahogany, can be used at the time of designing such urns. To make them more adorable, you can use elements like paint, drying oils, wax, shellac, varnish, lacquer and many more on their surfaces.

Pet Photo Urns

Many pet owners demand Pet Photo Urns to keep a very notable memorial for their pets. These are suitably designed to hold the favorite photograph of your beloved pet.They are available in different types of materials such as metal, marble and wood.

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