Living with Loss Scholarship Awards 2020 Recipients

Each year we offer our Living with Loss scholarship, we’re overwhelmed with well-written, passionate essays.  This year, we weren’t able to choose just one recipient and we are pleased to present both Savina Brown and Destiny Wallingford each a $1,000 award.

When choosing a recipient, we consider academic records, letters of recommendation, and an essay on how living with a personal loss has affected a student’s life and plans. Although we received numerous applications from talented students outlining the hardships, perseverance, and ambition it takes to keep moving through loss, both Savina and Destiny stood out to us as the exemplary candidates that we believe meet all of our criteria.

As of this year, Savina is a veteran of the U.S. Army. Her father was an active-duty soldier in the U.S. Army and her biggest supporter while she went through the training and process of enlisting. In her first year, right before her unit was set to deploy, Savina lost her father.

Thankfully, through the support of her leadership in the Army, Savina was able to persevere through an extremely hard time. Inspired by her father, Savina became actively involved in Suicide Awareness Programs and dedicated herself to helping her fellow soldiers, and their families.

We want to wish Savina luck in her pursuits as a civilian and as a student of California Lutheran University. Thank you for your service, and we applaud your strength and perseverance in pursuing a new career.

Just over a year ago, Destiny and her husband were blessed with a daughter that was too quickly taken from them at a mere 10 days old. Losing a child is an unimaginable and incomparable feeling, and as Destiny relearned to live through her new normal, she set her sights to the future.

Now, acting upon an internal knowing she had next to her daughter’s side at the hospital, Destiny is pursuing a degree at the University of Utah. Surrounded by her daughter’s light, she hopes to help support those living with loss to empower them to continue pursuing meaning in life.

Both of our recipients had glowing letters of recommendation and have shown strength and persistence to excel and find purpose in their lives after tremendous loss.

Congratulations to both of you and we wish you both an enlightening and fulfilling career as you pursue your new chosen paths at respectable universities.

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Cheryl MingJune 1st, 2020 at 6:37 pm

Wonderful! Both you young ladies are an inspiration. Keep on trucking. You ROCK! P.S. I hope to meet Destiny one day soon. She is my cousin. As a mother having lived through my own traumas; I am proud of you both d much love.

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