Michael Jackson’s Pets

Michael Jackson's PetsMichael Jackson had many pets; in fact, he had an entire private zoo that featured lions, elephants, spiders, giraffes, rabbits, dogs and even a chimpanzee. On several occasions, he took his animals with him on tour because he loved them so much. Besides his children, Michael’s pets meant the world to him. The day that he had to purchase a pet urn for a few of his tarantulas that had bitten him was a sad day for Michael. An even sadder day was when Michael Jackson had to give his pet chimpanzee, Bubbles, to the animal sanctuary because he had become aggressive after his first son was born.

Michael said that by placing the remains of his beloved pets in a pet urn, he could still keep them close although they have gone. In his house, he had over twenty pet urns with the remains of his beloved pets. Jackson did not want to keep a pet cemetery on his Neverland Ranch; therefore, he felt that as a safety precaution, as well as better presentation, his home featured no cemetery so that children did not have to worry about such things when at his ranch amusement park.

When asked why he had so many animals, and even pet urns of deceased animals, Michael stated that they were the only friends that anyone could ever have that would give you unconditional love and never make you feel bad about anything you did or did not do. They would love you forever as long as you treated the right. Michael was very correct in that statement. To his dying day, he always had pets, as did his children. When he passed, his son Prince Michael kept the pet urn of his favorite dog that had passed. It was the first dog he ever had.

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