New Photo Inlay Bluestone Pet Marker

Perfect Memorials is excited to be offering a new line of ceramic photo plaques. At Perfect Memorials we currently offer 8 popular sizes of ceramic photo plaques and we are planning on expanding our repertoire of sizes in the near future. Our most exciting addition that incorporates the ceramic photo plaque is the Pet Grave Marker with Inlaid Photo Ceramic Tile.

These photo plaques are made from the highest quality materials that our research team has spent months testing to make sure the photo printing quality and the products durability is right on point. This product features a custom engraved bluestone marker with a ceramic photo plaque that is permanently bonded to the stone. Not only are these photo plaques of the finest and beautiful quality, they are also guaranteed for life against everyday traumas such as fading, deterioration and even vandalism.

This product is perfect for honoring your pet and giving them the memorial that they deserve. You will be able to forever display a photo of your beloved pet and keep their memory alive with you always.

Pet Grave Marker with Inlaid Photo Ceramic Tile is now available on our website starting at $149.95. These along with all of our other photo plaques ship at no additional charge. We know you will enjoy this bluestone marker as much as we enjoyed creating it! We pride ourselves in giving you products that fit your memorial needs and we know by adding this to our collection it gives you another wonderful product to choose from when keeping your memorial planning in mind.

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