Ohio Residents Ponder Ban on Exotic Animals

file000412190708Ohio mother, Deirdre Herbert, is seeking to get the Governor to enact a law that will ban all exotic animals from being kept as pets after her son was fatally killed by a bear.  She is asking Ohio Governor Ted Strickland to take another look at exotic pets stating that allowing people to keep wild animals is simply inviting future tragedies to occur.

The Humane Society of the United States is behind her plea and has published Herbert’s letter on their website.  They have been advocating for a ban on exotic animals in the United States for many years.  It was less than a year ago that a woman lost her entire face when a normally subdued monkey mauled her unexpectedly almost killing her in the process.

The latest push for the ban on exotic animals came after Brent Kandra, aged 24, died in a bear attack on August 19th while feeding a bear owned by a man in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

Herbert has asked Governor Strickland to take a close look at how owners of dangerous pets, which include chimpanzees, bears, tigers, lions, and large snakes, should have to keep animals after the ban goes into effect.  She is advocating that they must follow a stricter set of regulations.

Herbert turned to the Governor after trustees in Columbia Township, where the mauling took place, stated that they could not take any action since state agencies are responsible for making all legislation and laws when it comes to how exotic animals are controlled.

Trustee Mike Musto stated that he understands the pain of the family and sympathizes with them, but the Department of Agriculture and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources are responsible when it comes to wild animals therefore taking the issue out of their hands.  They also added that the trustees once approached the matter in court ten years ago but were unable to move forward with their request.

Residents of Ohio who would like to see the laws governing exotic animal handling are urged to contact the Governor and state representatives.

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