Pet Memorials for Children

Losing an animal can be hard enough for adults. However, children often find that losing an animal they have known their entire life is one of the most difficult experiences they’ll have. That is why it is important that the memorial for your beloved pet is respectful, while giving your child a way to grieve appropriately.

A good starting point is to let your child be an active part of the planning process. Encourage them to write a note saying goodbye to the animal. When you have the funeral for them, your child can read their note out loud in front of everyone, taking an active role in the ceremony. Then you can seal it in an envelope and place it next to the urn of your pet.

After the funeral, have a memorial event that includes some of their friends and family members. Have snacks and take the time to discuss memories of the pet. You can include funny stories that took place while playing with your dog or cat you can even talk about how much your pet loved a particular food. The goal of this experience is to find solace in the memories and to help give your child a foundation that they can use in the future when they lose another loved one.

When selecting an urn for your pet memorial, consider something the child may find comforting. This includes burial urns that allow you to engrave the animal’s animals name on it, showcase a paw print or provides space for a picture of your child and the pet. The goal is to create something that your child can look at fondly instead of feeling fear or sadness when looking at the urn.

While discussing death with a child is never an easy task, taking this approach should make things easier. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll give your child the time they need to grieve. If they need a few days and need to cry, allow it. Everyone handles loss in a different way and you’ll need to be there to help guide your child through the process.

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