Urns and Horcruxes

If you’re not a Harry Potter fan, then you may be asking yourself what in the world is a horcrux? What does it have anything to do with urns?

We broke it down for muggles, and even explain how you can create your own horcruxes.

What is a Horcrux?

A horcrux is an object that has been formed by dark magic to achieve immortality. The idea is that by splitting parts of a soul into separate pieces stored within an artifact, your soul remains earthbound and one cannot die. However, the deed can only be complete by committing a murder, which fragments the soul, and casting a spell to hide the damaged soul within an object.  

Real Life Horcruxes

Horcruxes aren’t just real within the wizarding world. We, as people not wizards, create horcruxes throughout our everyday lives. Let us explain.

Throughout life as we develop relationships with our family, friends, and partners we build horcruxes through love. Cherishing those precious moments with loved ones and reflecting on past moments allows little parts of people’s souls to be left with us, as we leave them with others through interaction.

Creating Horcruxes

We hold memories of people in objects: the beautiful glassware your mother gave you, the personalized craft from a loved one, and the bracelet from your best friend. When we see these objects, we’re able to reminisce about special moments and experiences we had, and fondly remember the person that gifted the item.

Upon the ending of that person’s existence, these objects become horcruxes. The little parts of them that we remember best, and the memories we have, live on. We’re often reminded of them throughout our lives, in songs, objects, or even moments that trigger daydreams of the times you shared.

These objects are time capsules that carry a bit of that person’s soul even though they may no longer be with us. The difference between our modern day horcruxes and the wizarding world’s, is that ours are remembered happily and there was no black magic involved.

We’re even able to carry horcruxes and urns close to us by storing a small bit of ashes or a piece of hair in jewelry. Pendants with a sprinkle of remains will stay close to our hearts and always in our thoughts.

Urns and Horcruxes – Are they the same?

It could be viewed that urns and horcruxes have some common elements. Both preserve a little bit of the soul and energy of a person. Both embody strong emotional ties. Both objects are chosen and relatable to the person they resemble.

On the other hand, there are stark differences between the two as well. An urn, although it captures a spirit, also contains physical remains in which a horcrux does not need to. Horcruxes in the wizarding world involve dark magic and evil to be created, and while urns do contain death, they don’t depend on a murder.

Urns can also become horcruxes. They become a container to carry the ashes of the deceased and encase the spirit of a person. Spreading ashes is often seen as a final goodbye and can be viewed as a parallel to releasing the soul contained in a horcrux.

To those that desire a connection to the magical world, we hope we’ve been able to give you insight into how to create your own real life horcrux, based on love and great memories.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash