Using Urns For Dog Ashes Can Give You A Lovely Memorial At Home

You don’t need anyone to tell you that your pet is a big part of the family. While they might not always have a seat at the dining room table, they will always have a special one in your heart. Your dog has been there every time you needed him and when the time comes, you will want to keep them and their memories close by. That is when urns for dog ashes can help keep the memories alive.

How Big Should Urns Be?

The urns that you get depend on your preference and even on the size of your dog. It is not that the ashes will take most of the urn, but some owners like to have large dog urns for bigger sized dogs. There are also many decorative small pet urns if you do not have much space or if you had a smaller breed dog. The point is to use an urn that you are comfortable with.

For The Memories

An urn for dog ashes can help bring the memories back form the best times you had with your dog. You could have the urn decorated with a picture of your dog to make it a constant reminder of them. You could also choose to go with a decorative style which usually includes prints. These urns for dogs tend to be a little more subtle when you look at them.

The Color

The color of the urn that you will choose also depends on you. While most of the urns come in darker more quiet colors, you can also choose a brighter one that will remind you of your pooch’s attitude when it was alive. The urn that you choose sends a message to people who see it about your dog and the relationship you had with him.

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Mary TelbatJanuary 29th, 2013 at 6:44 pm

I really like the way that urn looks with with that finished wood look. I am not into the ceramic type, so thanks for showing this particular type.

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