You Should Be Here – Music For The Grieving

Music is known as one of the best ways to cope with various types of emotions. Whether you are happy, sad, mad or anxious, there is bound to be some type of music that will help in coping. However, some music is more emotional than others. Not everyone is a fan of country music but a new song recently released is pulling the heart strings of everyone.

Cole Swindell is a newer country artist and had a huge year in 2015. Cole was very close with his father, William Swindell, whom passed away in a freak accident only six weeks after Cole signed his record deal with Warner back in 2013. As every person does when someone close to them passes, Cole grieved for his father’s passing and longed for his presence during the exciting rise of his career. Cole turned to his music to put some of his feelings out there in hopes others could relate and find peace in his song as well.

‘You Should Be Here’ has become a very popular song since its release in late 2015. The heartfelt and emotional lyrics are a beautiful tribute to not only Cole’s father but to anyone who has passed. If you are grieving, or even if you aren’t, this song is worth the listen.

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