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About Book Urns

Whether your departed loved one was an avid reader or simply enjoyed the pleasure of a classic library, book urns from Perfect Memorials make a beautiful memorial to their memory. A book urn is typically in the same shape and size as a traditional hardcover book, although this can vary depending on the particular urn. Some of these urns are also available in a companion size, which holds the cremains of two.

Most book urns are made of bronze or a resin that is finished to look like bronze. Resin is a strong, durable material that can be finished to give the appearance of metal, but is lighter and less expensive. A book urn might also include sides – the “cover" and “back" of the book – that have a leather-like appearance. Double or companions urns often look like two or more books sitting side by side. Keepsake book urns are much smaller, and hold only a portion of cremains.

Personalization Options

In most cases, a book urn can be personalized with custom engraving. Depending on the particular urn style, this engraving may be located on the side or “spine" of the book or on the “cover." In some cases, an engraved panel may be attached to the front and back of the urn, with a name, dates, and message on one side and a selected poem on the other. The amount of space available for engraving will depend on the individual urn.

Filling your Book Urn

When you receive the cremains from the crematorium, they are usually placed in a plastic bag in a temporary urn. You can usually simply transfer the bag from the temporary urn to the new urn. Typically, a book urn can be filled from the bottom after you remove a small panel or secure plug. The cremains can then be added and the panel or plug is sealed to keep the ashes safe inside. If you have any trouble transferring the ashes or do not feel comfortable doing so, take the urn with you to the crematorium or a local funeral home and ask for assistance. Most funeral professionals will be happy to help.

Caring for Your Urn

Because of the materials that they are made out of, most book urns are relatively sturdy. It's important to always be cautious with your urn and avoid dropping or bumping it, but you should not need to worry that your book urn with shatter or break. If you are displaying the urn in your home, simply place it in a place of respect. Your urn should only need to be dusted periodically with a soft cloth.

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