Marble Companion Urns

About Marble Companion Urns

Some relationships are destined to last for eternity. Our marble companion urn vaults are created to last just as long. Marble has long been recognized as beautiful, as well as durable, and used throughout history in buildings and monuments meant to stand the test of time. What better tribute to an eternal love than to house the cremains of the couple in one of our companion marble urn vaults?

Personalize Your Companion Marble Urn Vault

Whether you plan to bury the urn vault, use it in a columbarium niche, or display it at home, you can enhance these marble companion urns with personalized plaques. Many people choose to include the names and important dates for the deceased, but you can also add a picture, poem, or favorite quote. The plaque will be included with the order only if you opt for it. The easily applied plaques are also sold separately in case you want to add one sometime in the future, or if you need to add information to the plaque later. For example, a couple who departs this world at different times may require a new plaque to be made after the second person passes.

If you have questions about our companion marble urn vaults, call us at 1-800-979-8767, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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How to select the right size urn

Enter in an approximate weight of your loved one before cremation and we will tell you the size needed.

Choosing the right size urn

Try finding an urn with our easy cremation urn finder.

Choosing the right size urn is easy. For every one pound before cremation you will need 1 cubic inch of volume. For example, a loved one weighing 200 pounds will need an urn that is at least 200 cubic inches or larger. Choosing an urn larger then you need is OK.