Cremation Urn Bags

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About Cremation Urn Bags

When looking for the right funeral urn for your departed loved one, one thing to keep in mind is the cremation urn bag. If you decide not to pour the cremains, or ashes, directly into the urn, you can keep the cremains in a plastic bag to place inside the urn. Doing this allows for the cremains of your loved one to be transferred easily, and to also help preserve and keep the ashes safe.

We also have urn bags for outside of the urn. These urn bags can give an additional touch of elegance and help to preserve the actual urn. Our outside the urn cremation bags are gusseted, enabling it to comfortably hold cremation urns.

Choosing the Right Cremation Urn Bag

For those searching for a more personal touch, we offer embroidered cremation bags. Some of our embroidering options are:

  • Embroidered Names, Dates, or Other Phrases
  • Embroidered Artwork (such as animals, praying hands, or crosses)
  • Embroidered Poems

All our embroidery is done efficiently and by our skilled embroiders. You can choose to have embroidering on both inner urn bags and outer urn bags as well. If you do not need embroidering, we also have our standard urn bags. All our inner urn bags, embroidered or not, are double layered and all our outer bags, embroidered or not, are gusseted for a better fit and carry.

Finding the Right Sized Cremation Urn Bag

When searching for the right size, keep in mind the size of your urn. If you have an urn that is 80 cubic inches, you will want an inside the urn cremation bag slightly smaller, so the cremains and the velvet bag will fit. For an outside the urn cremation bag, you will want a bag that is larger than your urn, so it can comfortable fit around the urn.

If you are wondering how big of a cremation bag you need for the cremains, or ashes, you can use the general rule of thumb that 1 cubic inch equates to 1 lb. So, if your departed loved one had a healthy weight of 150 lbs. you will need an inside the urn cremation bag that can hold 150 cubic inches or more.

At Perfect Memorials, we are dedicated to helping you during your time of grieving. At any point of your shopping experience or waiting for your order, you can contact us by phone at 1-800-979-8767 or by email at and we can assist you as best as we can.

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How to select the right size urn

Enter in an approximate weight of your loved one before cremation and we will tell you the size needed.

Choosing the right size urn

Try finding an urn with our easy cremation urn finder.

Choosing the right size urn is easy. For every one pound before cremation you will need 1 cubic inch of volume. For example, a loved one weighing 200 pounds will need an urn that is at least 200 cubic inches or larger. Choosing an urn larger then you need is OK.