Engraved Memorial Plaques and Plates

About Engraved Memorial Plaques and Plates

Custom engraved memorial plaques and plates from Perfect Memorials can be used to personalize nearly any item. These memorial plates are a great choice for wooden urns and other items that cannot be engraved directly. They attach firmly to wood, metal, glass, or plastic with a very strong industrial adhesive. Choose from a range of sizes, shapes, and metallic colors, including silver, gold, and brass.

Memorial Plate Sizes

When choosing metal name plates from Perfect Memorials, pay careful attention to the size that you choose. Options include rectangular plates as small as 13/16" x 1-7/8" and as large as 5" x 7". Because of the many different shapes available, there are really no standard sizes. Measure the area where you'd like to place your plate and look for one that fits within those parameters. You might find, for example, that an oval plate is too wide, while rectangular engraved name plates with notched corners offer a similar look but require less space.

Engraved Plate Shapes and Colors

There are five main shapes of engraved plates available, although additional options are available. The standard shapes include the following:

  • Rectangle with square corners
  • Rectangle with rounded corners
  • Rectangle with notched corners
  • Oval
  • Heart-shaped

Several options for metal name plates with rounded corners are available, depending on how rounded those corners are. In addition, you can find plaques that are highly ornamental, featuring many decorative details, as well as uniquely shaped custom engraved plates made in the form of paw prints, motorcycles, crosses, and more.

The most common plate colors are silver, gold, brass, and black. The plaque engraving is done in black, gold, or silver, depending on the individual item. Some plates also include a contrasting border, such as gold on black or black on brass. The border typically matches the color of the text engraving and any chosen artwork.

Plaque Engraving Options

The amount of engraving that you can add to your plate will vary according to its size. Smaller engraved name plates can typically hold just 2 or 3 lines of text at most, often with 20 – 35 characters per line. Our largest plates can carry up to 7 lines of text with 45 characters per line.

Please note that, the more lines of engraving that you request, the smaller the text is likely to be. You do not need to use up every line or every character; our talented engravers will position your text to look its best and make the best use of the available space. Depending on the plaque you choose, you'll have a number of engraving font options, such as Roman, Script, Helvetica, and others. Not every font is available on every memorial plate.

Some engraved plates also have space to add a piece of artwork chosen from our in-house selection. You can add hearts, a traditional cross, a Celtic cross, or a dove, for example, and some plates have space for a U.S. military logo. If you select one of our largest sizes, you also have the option of having a brief poem engraved underneath your custom text.

It's important to note that there is a charge for each line of text that is engraved onto the plate. You'll pay a base price for the metal name plate itself, then a set charge for each line. There is no price difference between scripts. If your plate includes artwork, this will also be an additional charge.

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