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About Flameless Candles

With flameless memorial candles from Perfect Memorials, you'll always be able to keep a light burning for your loved ones. Flameless candles are safer and last much longer than those that burn. Each of these candles is made from real wax and includes a bright, flickering flame light powered by an LED bulb.

The practice of lighting a candle for someone has a long history, and it means different things to people of different faiths. To people who are religious, it often symbolizes a prayer that is said for the person, living or deceased. The single light offers a point of focus and a visual representation of that prayer. For others, the flame is a symbol of the continuation of life and hope in the darkness of grief. Historically, candles have been placed in windows as a way to evoke the feeling of family, home, and safety.

Why Choose Flameless Candles?

While many people enjoy the flickering light of a candle, flameless candles are a much safer alternative. Lit by a bright LED light that does not get hot, there is far less risk of fire or injury. In addition, because the candle itself does not burn, you'll be able to see the poem or other sentiment without portions of it melting away.

The flameless memorial candles from Perfect Memorials are all made of genuine wax, and they are lightly scented with vanilla. The LED bulb flickers to provide the look of a real flame. In addition, each as a built-in automatic timer that allows the light to shine for 6 hours at night to help preserve battery life.

Candle Options

All of our flameless candles are pillar candles, and each has a 3" diameter. Candle heights vary from 6" to 8". Each has a slightly uneven top and a center that looks like it is slightly melted. All require two AA batteries, which are not included.

Our flameless memorial candles have a special poem or other sentiment printed on the outside of the candle. Some are longer poems, such as “Amazing Grace" or the Lord's Prayer, while others are shorter but no less meaningful.

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