Gold Photo Heart Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry (PM16653)

Cremation Jewelry Volume Product Volume

This jewelry is designed to hold a small portion of ashes, hair or dried ceremonial flowers.

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Product Information

Usually ships same or next business day. If custom personalization is selected, item will ship in 1-2 business days.
Exterior Dimensions:
3/4" W x 1-3/16" H
1 cubic inches
  • Standard chain/cord included. Looking for a custom fit? Make your selection above!
  • Includes a funnel and instructions to fill and seal the cremation pendant
  • The cremation pendant closes securely with a threaded screw

Gold Photo Heart Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry
Turn pictures and art into a beautiful piece of photo jewelry. Pictures are permanently engraved on to the piece. Wear this jewelry as a cherished memory or give it to a friend or family member as a heartfelt gift. 

Depending on the provided image, lighting and contrast, the final product will vary. Our jeweler makes the best effort possible to make each pendant the highest quality possible.

Our keepsake pendants bring memories to an even more personal level by holding a small portion of cremated remains, a lock of hair or dried ceremonial flowers. The pendants may be worn or displayed in a glass dome. Easily seals with a threaded stopper screw.

This beautiful piece of jewelry is created and designed by a professional jeweler. Our jewelers create each cremation pendant one at a time with a highest level of precision and detail possible.

The use of glue is recommend to permanently seal the pendant. We encourage using a modeling glue or epoxy to make a permanent seal.

Optional Engraving
An optional engraving can be done in a block style font. Engraving can be up to 2 lines, 11 characters per line. Engraving will be done on the back of the pendant.

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Total Reviews: 21 (4.43 average)

11 of 11 people found this review helpful


Reviewed By: Sherry Ding on 06/14/2014

My mom is my best friend. The day I lost her I lost myself. Perfect Memorial has been excellent with my order and very customer service oriented. I receive a call from them the second I placed my order. They were very attentive to my requested custom. They treated me with the up most respect. When I got my order it was everything I wanted and I cried as soon as I saw my order. It absolutely helped heal a piece of my broken heart and cope with my lost. Now I can take a piece of her with me any where I go.

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6 of 6 people found this review helpful


Reviewed By: Nickole C. on 01/30/2015

I love that I could engrave both a picture and words on this necklace. Like some others have mentioned, the picture is kind of hard to see, but you can see it. I love that I am carrying around a part of my dad around my neck. We ordered around 12 necklaces total (all different types), and we are happy with each one! Thank you!

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4 of 4 people found this review helpful

Thank yoy

Reviewed By: Eileen on 11/22/2013

Thank you so much for your service to those of us going through such a difficult time.

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3 of 3 people found this review helpful

Unique and very nice necklace

Reviewed By: Susan M. on 11/29/2014

My mother-in-law really wanted a necklace for my wonderful father-in-law's ashes. We had our very favorite photo of the both of them engraved on the front. The necklace is a nice weight; it's not a light flimsy material. The engraving is a very unique touch. The picture is not as clearly visible as in the photo on the website and we found that the best way to see it clearly is in the sun; however it is somewhat visible under regular indoor light. It's really more about the person wearing the necklace knowing that the photo is there...not the clarity of the engraving. I edited the photo I had in order to take out the background and left it a plain white. I highly recommend that you be careful about the photo you choose. Make sure the background is as solid as possible with very little pattern to it. We'll most likely buy a chain for the pendant; while the black cord is nice, it's not really what you would want to wear all the time. Overall, we're very pleased with the necklace and will be giving it to my mother-in-law for Christmas.

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2 of 2 people found this review helpful

Gold photo heart

Reviewed By: Brenda on 02/09/2015

I'm happy with my purchase, It's the third time I have made a purchase,however the picture on the heart is a lot smaller than shown.I have received many compliments and love wearing it.

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2 of 2 people found this review helpful

Photo Heart SS

Reviewed By: Mary White on 02/21/2014

The engraving is perfect. The picture on front is not deep enough to see clear and can only be seen by tilting to sides but it is a curved surface so I asume this is the reason. I also bought a flat surface item and it is perfect. Even with this I am happy with the heart. Great service, easy ordering and heart itself is very good quality. I ordered these to take my husband's ashes with me on a trip, we were married 50 years and finding a product to do this was very important to me.

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Heart pendant

Reviewed By: Grace white on 08/10/2016

I was disappointed when I received my pendant. The picture on the heart is very hard to see. The only way to see it is to hold it a certain way so the light shines on it. Looking at it straight up n does not show the image.

Perfect Memorials Comment:

Thank you for your order and feedback. I sincerely apologize you were unhappy with the pendant in which you received. Each photo engraved pendant will vary in final outcome based on the photo we receive and its contrast. The more contrast in a photo, the better the image will show. Additionally, the engraving of the photo is completed with thousands of tiny impressions in to the metal. Because of this, the way in which light reflects off the metal will make the image appear better or worse. We do our best to make it clear on the product page that different reflectivity on the pendant will make the photo show more or less. In the product information we show an image example of how this effects the pendant. We do again apologize for the inconvenience in this matter. We have issued a portion of your order back to you for your dissatisfaction in hopes to help in this matter. If you should have any further questions or concerns please contact us at 1-800-979-8767 or Thank you.

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Necklace for loves one

Reviewed By: Dayna on 03/29/2016

Love mine & my daughters keepsake necklaces only thing I wish was improved is it is harder to see picture on good besides that love it and would order again

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Gold Photo Heart Stainless Cremation Jeweiry

Reviewed By: Nancy Tynan on 03/13/2016

Gave it to my mom for Christmas. She loved the picture. It is easier to see in the daylight, but it is perfect.

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Photo Engraved Heart

Reviewed By: Colette on 03/01/2016

I could not be more impressed with my order, it is absolutely beautiful!

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Awesome product result! Very impressive!

Reviewed By: Victoria T Rarick on 07/14/2015

I received the pendant today and I was so impressed with the item and the engraved picture. It captured my husband's happy face perfectly. I wore his ring on my necklace since he passed away. I am still waiting for his ashes to arrive but now with this pendant I will have him physically (although just a tiny amount of his ashes).
The pendant is a little heavy but expected and I know I'll get used to it in time. I like that they have the instruction kit... so nice that they think of customer's convenience.
I am so impressed, thank you Perfect Memorials. You are true to your name 'Perfect".

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful

gold heart urn necklace

Reviewed By: Marie Boulrice on 02/25/2015

I was very pleased with my heart urn to place the ashes of my late husband. It is comforting to keep him so close to me. To have his smiling face for everyone to see was a blessing I made to myself and everyone commented on the
beauty of my jewelry.

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Very Nice

Reviewed By: Kelly on 10/21/2014

I purchased this for my friends dad who passed away,Its nice,I myself would go with something bigger this is small but well worth it.This is my 2nd purchase from Perfect Memorials and they do a good job and customer service is great. The necklace is short ,so you would probably want to buy a nicer necklace but besides that its very nice.

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Beautiful ❤

Reviewed By: Catherine on 01/26/2019

I bought the stainless steel one and loved it so much and order the gold one they are beautiful!!!

Was this review helpful?
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Cat on gold photo heart

Reviewed By: Christine Rice on 11/15/2018

The engraved picture did not come out very sharp. You have to look at it in different angles to see any of the picture. I guess you have to have a very sharp close up picture to have it come out like the example shows. The company was fair with me and gave me a discount since I wanted to keep the heart.

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Bad picture

Reviewed By: Christine R. on 11/09/2018

I have ordered from you before and have always been happy, but I was very disappointed in the picture engraving on this heart. There is just no way to see my kitty's picture, it looks more like smudging than a cat. Everything else, the chain and the other side of the heart's print is very good. Would it come out better if you had the actual picture? I thought the second picture I sent by email was very clear. Well I guess I'll have to be happy just having her ashes in the heart.

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I love it!

Reviewed By: Tammy on 04/30/2018

I was skeptical about wearing one, but my sister let me wear hers for a week with my mom. I felt so much Comfort! Thank you.

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Beautiful heart

Reviewed By: Sue on 01/04/2018

This is perfect and what I wanted. While the photo engraving is hard to see, I still like the locket itself and the back engraving.

Was this review helpful?
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I couldn't be more pleased

Reviewed By: Christopher Magrum on 08/05/2017

The item was exactly as described and the engraving beautifully done even from a less than ideal image. Thank you Perfect Memorials.

Was this review helpful?
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Love It!

Reviewed By: Danielle on 05/29/2017

It is a beautiful memory of my son; Ryan. Thank You; I ❤️ It!

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photo heart

Reviewed By: Diane on 09/11/2014

A truly beautiful piece which captures the image of my departed boy beautifully.

Was this review helpful?
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