10 Gifts for Mom

Shopping for Mom can be a challenge, whether it’s Mother’s Day gifts or presents for a birthday or other holiday. Instead of stopping by the store at the last minute for a card and a box of chocolates (unless that’s what she really wants – which, maybe it is!), consider these 10 ideas for gifts for Mom that show a little more thoughtfulness and imagination.

Silver Cubic Zirconia Photo Engraved Heart Pendant

1. Personalized Jewelry

While jewelry items in general can seem like very obvious gifts for Mom, personalized jewelry makes the gift something special. Most jewelry items can be engraved – if there’s enough room – and many jewelers will be happy to do so for just a small additional charge. Necklaces and pendants with a brief message are wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas or Christmas gifts for Mom. You might include your initials and the date along with your message.

To make your jewelry gift extra special, choose a truly personalized item like a photo engraved necklace or a fingerprint pendant. These highly customized pieces make wonderful birthday gifts for Mom and include a photo or fingerprint that you send in with your order. The image or print is permanently engraved into the metal of the jewelry, so it won’t peel, wear off, or be easily damaged. This type of personalized jewelry is a great alternative to a traditional locket. You might consider adding an extra special touch with a crystal charm in the color of your birthstone.

Many moms appreciate spa and pampering gifts.2. Spa and Pampering Gifts

Your mom has worked hard taking care of you and your family, so why not give her the gift of relaxation? Gift certificates for a massage, manicure or pedicure, facial treatment, and other spa treatments can make terrific Mother’s Day gifts. Of course, Mom deserves pampering any time of year, so there’s no need to limit yourself.

If your mother would rather do her pampering in the privacy of her own home, consider these other relaxation gift ideas for Mom. Put together a gift basket with a few lightly scented candles, a bottle of bubble bath, and a rich, moisturizing body lotion. You might include a few single-use packets of facial mask treatments. If Mom isn’t a fan of bubble baths, hand-held massage tools, such as wooden rollers and wheels, can make great gifts for Mom. And who would object to an electric massage pad and seats?

3. Gardening Gifts

Some moms find their relaxation in growing plants and taking care of a garden. There are a wide range of gardening products that make great gifts for mom at any time of the year. While live plants might not be the best Christmas gifts for Mom if she can’t plant them right away, you can certainly give seeds or bulbs, as well as gear like gloves, hand tools, and knee rests. Take a look at the tools your mom is already using in the garden – are there items that need to be replaced?

You might also think about the garden itself and if there are areas that could use improvement. Maybe Mom has talked about installing a new water feature or a raised bed in a new location. This is a good opportunity to talk with her about what she wants to do and might need help with, and to work on the project together to make the garden even more special.

4. Gifts for the TravelerA good travel pillow can make your mom's travels a little more comfortable.

If your mom is a frequent traveler, there are a wide range of birthday and Mother’s Day gifts that would add to her experience. Even if giving her a trip is a bit outside of your price range, consider gifts to make her journey easier. Travel pillows can make that plane ride a little more comfortable, while travel socks can promote circulation and help prevent swelling during that long flight. You might also consider other practical gifts for Mom like a passport holder, travel alarm clock, or a belt with a hidden compartment.

5. Fitness Gifts

For moms who like to stay in shape, choose gifts that fit her workout routine. Yoga mats and workout pads make great gifts, as do small hand weights. If you aren’t sure about buying actual exercise equipment, since this can be a very personal choice, consider a gym bag or backpack for Mom to carry her belongings in. You can also try to find out if your mom belongs to a local gym or fitness studio and call to ask if they offer gift certificates for classes or membership dues. These gifts for Mom are a great way to encourage and support her healthy lifestyle.

6. Foodie Gifts

For moms who love to cook – or even just to eat delicious things – there are a wide variety of food and cooking gifts for Mom. In addition to a selection of gift baskets that you can easily find online or in specialty stores, consider building your own! Find a fun or interesting recipe and go shopping for the best ingredients. When you make your own basket as a gift, it’s easier to include perishable items and feel comfortable in the quality of the ingredients. Print up a nice copy of the recipe and include it in your basket.Consider fun kitchen gifts for Mom, like a citrus zester.

Kitchen tools also make great Mother’s Day gift ideas for Mom. Think about smaller items that she might not have, like a citrus zester or an apple corer. You can also put together a collection of smaller gadgets as your gift. Make sure that you’re not giving Mom a bunch of items that she already has, however, or that she might never get around to using. To minimize the risk, you can put together a little booklet of recipe ideas that take advantage of each gadget that’s part of your gifts for Mom. Does Mom already have a lot of kitchen tools? Why not give her a rack or tubs made to help organize her collection?

7. Gifts for the Reader and Writer

Moms who enjoy spending time with a book and a cup of tea (or wine) might enjoy the latest novel in their preferred genre or a collection of stories from a favorite author. Some readers are easy to shop for, with a wide range of interests and topics that they like, but other moms might be more of a challenge. Sure, a gift card to the local or online bookstore will probably be welcome, but try to use your knowledge of what your mom likes to choose something a little more personal. If you know that Mom likes mysteries, for example, you might choose some classics from Agatha Christie or Wilkie Collins. Other places to get book gift ideas for Mom are the local newspaper or bookstore best seller lists. Check out reviews of new books and choose a title or two that she might like.

Along with a book, include tea and a new cup as part of your gifts for Mom.Other fun gift ideas for Mom include putting together a reading or writing package. Include a new book or a blank journal for her to write in, a package of tea or a bottle of her favorite wine, and a special cup or glass for her to use. Instead of just giving Mom a book to read, you’re giving her a full experience.

8. Crafting Gifts

If your mom enjoys crafts such as knitting, quilting, or woodworking, consider practical gifts for Mom to support her skills. If you know that Mom needs new knitting needles or a jigsaw, that can be a great gift – but keep in mind that many crafters have strong opinions about the tools that they use and might prefer to choose their own. Instead, you might consider a tote or yarn dispenser to hold her yarn, or a storage board to hold her tools. Nearly all crafters need high quality scissors. If your mom is a scrapbook maker, a cutting or punch tool might make her work easier.

9. Memorial GiftsA memorial picture frame or other item can be a meaningful gift for Mom.

Most of us have experienced loss in our lives. If your mother has recently lost a friend or family member, a piece of memorial jewelry or other item can be a very meaningful gift. Even if the loss isn’t recent, an engraved photo plaque, a customized picture frame, or a photo necklace with an image of her mother or father are all good gifts for Mom. These gifts are especially meaningful around the holidays or other times of year when Mom might feel her loss particularly deeply. They also show how much you’re thinking about your mom, her feelings, and what’s important to her.

10. Experience Gifts

Many moms say that all they want for Mother’s Day gifts or other holidays is to spend time with family. Experience gifts can be a wonderful way to make that wish extra special. You might take Mom out for a meal, but spending time doing something different that she enjoys can make the time more meaningful. If she’s a sports fan, a football game or a round of golf could make great birthday gifts for Mom. Maybe Mom would enjoy a day at the museum or tickets to a musical performance. Give Mom the gift of doing the things that she loves with a person that she loves.

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