Create the Perfect Pet Memorial Garden

A cherished pet is a member of the family. When you lose one, you grieve the loss and sorely miss the companionship. It takes some time to work through the pain. While each person has their own way of dealing with it, one popular approach is to create a fitting tribute to a pet’s life with a pet memorial garden.

Pet Memorial Garden Ideas – Placement

Photo Credit: Avery Evans

When creating a memorial garden for your lost companion, the first thing to consider is where to locate it in your yard. Did your pet have a favorite spot to lounge or play? Is there a corner that seems a natural location for peaceful contemplation? Or maybe you already have a garden or flower bed that can be transitioned into something more meaningful.

If you plan to spend time sitting in your pet memorial garden, you’ll likely want some level of shade, so you don’t get too warm in the summertime. You’ll also want a comfortable place to sit – a bench, chair, or garden stool. Consider the size of the seat you’d prefer when planning the dimensions of your garden. These factors can help you determine the best location for it in your yard.

Pet Memorial Garden Ideas – Plants

There are many things to consider when choosing memorial plants for pets. You might want to decide on your plants before you choose your garden location. For example, if you opt to plant a large bush or a tree in honor of your furever friend, think how tall or wide it will be when fully grown. Whether planting a tree, bush, or flowers, you’ll need to know how much sun is required for healthy growth and the quality and drainage of the soil.

One last consideration is your climate and how friendly it is to specific plants. You can use the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to guide your decision. Thoughtful planning in advance will ensure you have a beautiful, lasting tribute for years to come.

Here are some plant ideas based on flower meanings from The Old Farmer’s Almanac:

  • Rosemary – being a symbol of remembrance makes this a popular herb for pet memorial gardens. Plus, you can use it in your favorite recipes.
  • Gladiolus – this lovely flower grows two to five feet tall and is a much more eye-catching symbol of remembrance than rosemary.
  • Thyme – another plant that can be used for cooking, it’s symbolic of courage and strength and would be fitting for a pet with those admirable characteristics.
  • Spearmint – representing “warmth of sentiment,” this member of the mint family can be used for essential oils and teas. A word of caution, though, it will take over your garden if you let it.
  • Salvia – an ornamental member of the sage family, its meaning is “I think of you.”
  • Zinnia – this annual with brightly colored flowers represents pleasant thoughts of absent friends.
  • Violet – a low-growing perennial that typically sports purple flowers, it symbolizes the traits your lost companion was likely adored for – loyalty, devotion, and faithfulness.
  • Pink Carnation – possibly the most fitting of the tribute flowers, it says to the world “I’ll never forget you.”

Pet Memorial Garden Ideas – Tributes and Keepsakes

There are many ways to memorialize a pet and add to the personality of your garden. Hang a Perfect Memorials engravable Best Friend Dog Wind Chime from a nearby branch or a shepherd’s hook to provide soothing melodies when the wind blows. Include a Beadworks Garden Stone among the flowers to pay tribute to a beloved cat or dog. Or you can place a “Faithful Angel” cat figurine near your bench to honor your sweet kitty. If your plan is to use the garden as a final resting place, a customizable pet grave marker is the ultimate tribute to a faithful companion.

When all these elements are thoughtfully combined, you’ll have created a wonderful place to relax and contemplate loving memories of your pet while honoring the beauty of life as time moves forward.


Photo Credit: unsplash-logoAvery Evans

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