Cremation Jewelry Materials

Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry

Infinity Cremation JewelryThe most common and popular material used today in cremation jewelry is 925 sterling silver. 925 sterling silver means that 92.5% of the cremation jewelry consists of pure sterling silver, and the other 7.5% consists of other metals such as copper. This is generally done because pure sterling silver is too soft for use as jewelry. Adding additional materials helps keep the jewelry strong. It is important to properly care for your sterling silver cremation jewelry by frequently cleaning. By cleaning your cremation jewelry this helps remove impurities and other materials that can cause tarnishing and corrosion.

Gold Cremation Jewelry

Gold Cremation Jewelry14k gold cremation jewelry is also another popular selection. Gold is often chosen for it’s value and it’s resistance to corrosion that often affects sterling silver. 14k gold comes in two different styles: yellow gold and white gold. Yellow gold is simply gold in it’s natural state. Many people prefer this traditional finish because of it’s natural beauty. Other individuals prefer to have 14k gold in what is commonly called white gold. White gold is created by using a mixture of pure gold and other white metals. Typically, white gold is plated with a rhodium to enhance the whiteness and harden the pendant for better durability.

Gold Vermeil Cremation Jewelry

Gold Vermeil Cremation JewelryGold vermeil is a combination of sterling silver and 14k gold. Each gold vermeil pendant is carefully coated with pure 14k gold. This offers an almost indistinguishable look from 14k gold at a fraction of the cost.

Pewter Cremation Jewelry

Pewter Cremation JewelryPewter cremation jewelry is often chosen for it’s affordability. Blue cobalt cremation jewelry with pewter designs is one of the most popular pieces of cremation jewelry today. These jewelry pieces are made with a pewter top and a blue cobalt cylinder attached. These pieces are ideal for use as jewelry or to use as a keepsake in a special place.

Wood Cremation Jewelry

Wood Cremation JewelryWood cremation jewelry has also recently become extremely popular. These uniquely crafted jewelry pieces are often priced very affordably. The jewelry is often crafted from exotic tropical woods. The jewelry comes with the option of having a viewing window which makes the cremains or other contents visible.

Glass Cremation Jewelry

Glass Cremation JewelryGlass cremation jewelry is often hand-crafted by artists. Each piece is carefully blown into the desired shape, making every pendant unique. A technique is commonly used called lampworking, where a glass rod is formed by melting the glass. Molten glass is then formed by around a metal mandrel by spinning it with your fingertips. Various other techniques are then used to achieve the desired shape, color and designs. Glass cremation jewelry offers an extremely unique

Titanium Cremation Jewelry

cremation-jewelry-titaniumTitanium is one of the most unique precious metals today used in cremation jewelry. Titanium is known for its characteristics of being extremely light, strong, and corrosion-resistant. Titanium is approximately 45% lighter then steel, while offering a much better finish and longevity. Titanium jewelry is also one of our most popular choices for men’s cremation jewelry. Woman have also come to appreciate it’s unique qualities and ease of maintenance. Titanium cremation jewelry is available in necklaces or bracelets where there is a cylinder to hold the contents (cremains, ashes, dried flowers, or earth from a special location).

Rhodium Cremation Jewelry

Rhodium Cremation JewelryRhodium is commonly used in cremation jewelry for various purposes. Some jewelry is coated with rhodium to help protect and extend the life of the jewelry. Rhodium is also used in picture memory pendants because of its hardness. Metals such as sterling silver or 14k gold are much softer then rhodium. Some picture engraved memory pendants are also created with rhodium jewelry. Using rhodium in this process helps ensure the photo of your loved one will not fade. Additionally, rhodium is not effected by chemicals such as acid. Today, rhodium is one of the most expensive precious metals available in its pure form.

Wood Cremation Jewelry

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