Cremation Urns for Life Stages

Choosing the right urn for a loved one takes quite a bit of consideration. Whether you’re looking for cremation urns for adults, teenagers, children, or infants, you want to choose one that fits the personality and size of the person while still being age appropriate.

Cremation Urn Sizes

Your first consideration should be the size of the urn you’ll need. You don’t need an urn size calculator to figure this out. The rule of thumb for choosing urn sizes for adults is that for every one pound of healthy weight, a cubic inch is required. So, if your loved one weighed 145 pounds when they were healthy, then they would require an urn of at least 145 cubic inches. You could choose a larger urn with no problem, but if you opt for a smaller urn, you risk all the ashes not fitting into it.

It’s important to know when buying an urn for a small child, infant, or early term loss, the urn needs to be a minimum of 15 cubic inches even if the child weighed less than 15 pounds. This is due to the way the cremains are processed and the fact they are generally cremated with a container as well, so their ashes often take up more space. Under no conditions will human cremains fit in a keepsake-sized urn. Again, it’s perfectly fine to select an urn that is bigger than required. In the case of a child, you could include a toy or an outfit with the ashes inside.

Another important point – the cremains will be delivered to you in a plastic bag, usually within a temporary urn. It’s best to leave the ashes in the sealed bag to avoid any messy accidents in case the urn falls from a height or is exposed to water. If you don’t feel a plastic bag is a fitting resting place, we offer beautiful urn bags that can be embroidered with your loved one’s monogram.

Cremation Urns for Adults and Children to Match a Personality or Lifestyle

Once you’ve determined the volume of ashes after cremation, you may want to look for an urn that fits your loved one’s personality, hobbies, or lifestyle. This can be a special way to memorialize them. You may opt for a classic Grecian urn for a person with a love for old-world tradition, but there are many other choices available. We have urns for car or plane enthusiasts, readers, hunters, and religiously devoted people. Or you could choose an urn with a place for a favorite photo showcasing them doing what they enjoyed most.

For the younger departed, you may want to choose a teddy bear urn or an angel and child urn. Both are lovely options for providing a sense of comfort to a family grieving the loss of a child.

Now that you know what to look for when choosing an urn, you may want to start by perusing our wide selection of urns for people, or you could type a specific type into the search box at the top of the page.

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