Giving Meaningful Jewelry

While jewelry can be a wonderful gift for any occasion, giving truly meaningful jewelry can often make the gift extra special. The basic guidelines for jewelry gift giving are still important – make sure that the jewelry is of a style that the recipient will wear, look at what he or she already owns, and consider your budget. More than this, however, think carefully about an event you’d like to commemorate, a favorite hobby or interest, and how you can make the jewelry unique. Putting thought and effort into a gift can make even an inexpensive piece mean so much more.

Commemorate an Event or Occasion

Sure, giving jewelry as a gift for Christmas, a birthday, or Mother’s Day is likely always going to be welcome, but think about events beyond these obvious choices. Even if you give jewelry on a regular holiday, you can make it mean more than just that date. Think about what the person you’re giving the jewelry to enjoys doing. Are they an ice skater or a big baseball fan? Choose a bracelet charm with a pair of skates or a necklace pendant with a baseball or bat. Consider having a date engraved on the jewelry to commemorate a specific meaningful event, such as the day you met.

Remember a Loved One

Photo Engraved Pendant - Silver HeartIf the person you’re giving the gift to has recently lost a loved one, you can give especially meaningful jewelry that honors that person. A wide range of memorial jewelry is available, including items that can be personalized with a photo or name. You might choose a locket and add a picture or other small item that could be kept inside. This is a wonderful way to show how much you care about the recipient and their loss.

Losing a cat or dog can also be devastating to pet lovers, and there are a number of pet memorial jewelry options available. You can even have a pet’s paw print or nose print engraved onto a necklace to make it an especially meaningful jewelry gift.

Common Meaningful Symbols

Want to give a necklace or other item that has a special meaning? Consider choosing a piece with one of these symbols:

  • Heart – Love
  • Circle – Eternity and unity
  • Angel – Protection, devotion, and faith
  • Sun and Moon – Duality. In the Western tradition, the Moon symbolizes femininity, while the Sun is masculine
  • Tree – The tree of life and the interconnectedness of living things
  • Butterfly – Change and rebirthRound Moon & Stars Solid 14k Gold Cremation Jewelry
  • Bee – Hard work and cooperation
  • Dragonfly – Renewal and change
  • Dolphin – Freedom, balance, and charity
  • Elephant – Strength, patience, and wisdom
  • Fish – Perseverance in adversity
  • Fleur de Lys – Purity
  • Ankh – Eternal life
  • Scarab – Resurrection
  • Anchor – Hope
  • Celtic Knot – The interconnectedness of all things; different types of knots often have slightly different meanings

While all of these symbols are appropriate for anyone, many people find that symbolic pendants make good necklaces for men with meanings. When choosing jewelry for a man, you may want to incorporate one of these symbols as a way to give meaning to the gift in a subtle way.

6455-rimmedfingerprin_master_0Unique and Personalized Jewelry

Sometimes, the best meaningful jewelry is a piece that has been personalized with an engraved photograph, date, or message. Many jewelry stores and online retailers offer jewelry that can be engraved. Photo engraved jewelry offers a permanent way to capture a moment in your life, while fingerprint pendants let you share a unique part of yourself.

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