Great Ideas for Unique Gifts

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or another holiday, many of us struggle to come up with the perfect gift for family members, friends, and other loved ones. Rather than give a generic piece of jewelry or an unimaginative gift card, check out these ideas for unique gifts. And remember – just because it’s a unique or unusual gift doesn’t mean that it has to cost a fortune!

Before You Buy

As you start searching for unique gifts, think about the people that you are buying for. What do you know about their hobbies and how they spend their free time? Do they collect a particular item? Consider what the person already has both so that you know what they like and so you don’t give them something too similar. If your mother collects lighthouse figurines, for example, you might want to find a gift that’s related, but not exactly the same, like a necklace or bracelet charm with a lighthouse on it. One great way to choose special gifts is to take what you know the person already likes and put a twist on it.

Consider the life of the person who you’re buying for as well. Is there something you could give that would make their life better or easier? Have they recently experienced a life change – whether that be a new job or a personal loss – that your gift might commemorate? When you take the person’s life into account, you can give gifts with meaning beyond the specific holiday.

Experience Gifts

A picnic is a great gift that doesn't need to cost a lot of money.

Some of most unique gifts are experiences. You could go all out for the adventurous friend or family member and give a hot air balloon ride, a skydiving trip, or even a zip line adventure. Not every gift has to be a big adventure, however – maybe tickets to the theater or a baseball game would be a better fit. Depending on the individual, these could be experiences that you share together or ones that they can enjoy with a spouse or other friend.

You can also add a twist to your experience. Sure, maybe you take your girlfriend out to dinner regularly. But unique gifts for your girlfriend might include taking her to the restaurant where you had your first date or where her parents got engaged. Think about places with meaning for her and how you can incorporate them into your gift.

Memorial Gifts

Most of us have lost someone in our lives who meant a lot to us, whether that be a parent, grandparent, sibling, or mentor. Memorial photo frames, plaques, and other items can be very special gifts for someone who has experienced a recent loss. Even if the loss isn’t very fresh, unique gift ideas for a girlfriend might include an engraved photo frame with a picture of her and her late mother or an engraved granite photo plaque. Memorial and comfort products are special gifts with meaning that show how much you care.

Memorial JewelryMarvelous Heart Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry

Memorial jewelry pieces can be very meaningful and unique gifts that offer a different take on jewelry gifts. Rather than giving your loved one a generic heart necklace, why not choose one that’s engraved with a name, date, or even a photo? Heart cremation jewelry, for example, has a small chamber inside that allows the wearer to include a memento of the person they’ve lost. A wide range of memorial jewelry is available in varying styles, shapes, and prices.

Pet Memorial Gifts

Our pets are often like family, and losing one can be a very painful loss. If someone you care about has recently lost a pet, there are many memorial items that make meaningful and unique gifts. In addition to pet memorial jewelry, you might consider a personalized stone memorial or wind chimes with space for a photo.

Personalized Gifts

Some of the most special gifts that you can give are those that have been personalized. These are truly unique gifts because they have a photo, name, and/or message from you to the recipient. Personalized gifts can range from jewelry to holiday ornaments and more. You might consider a personalized pillow or throw blanket, for example, with a family name embroidered on it. Most jewelers will engrave a name or brief message on a metal watch or the back of a necklace that you purchase for an additional cost. You can make a gift extra special with just a little touch.

Photo Engraved Ornaments

Photo engraved holiday ornaments make wonderful and unusual gifts. Many people create ornaments as a memorial to a loved one who has died, but why not use a favorite photo and a holiday message instead? Choose from porcelain ornaments, many of which can incorporate a photo of your choosing, or a personalized crystal ornament with a holiday theme?

Personalized JewelryFull Fingerprint Standard Sterling Silver Pendant with birthstones.

Personalized jewelry with custom engraving isn’t too uncommon, but there are ways to make jewelry pieces into truly unique gifts. Rather than simply having a name or date engraved, why not select photo engraved jewelry with a favorite photograph? Available in gold or silver tones and in a variety of shapes and sizes, the engraved image is finely detailed and permanent, so it won’t be at risk of damage the way that a paper photograph in a locket might be. Fingerprint and footprint jewelry also make unusual gifts and allow you to share a special part of yourself with your loved one.

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