How to Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Jewelry

No matter the holiday, jewelry gifts for Mom can be some of the most meaningful – if you think carefully about your gift. Whether you’re giving Mother’s Day jewelry or a necklace to honor Mom’s birthday, consider her tastes, her interests, and what might have special meaning. Rather than just choosing a piece of jewelry because it’s trendy, put some careful consideration into the woman who will be receiving your gift.

What Jewelry Does Mom Already Have?

Before you go out to buy anything, take a few days to look at what the woman you’re buying for is wearing. Does she tend toward pearls and conservative pieces? Is she into sparkly necklaces and dangly earrings? Does she have a quirky sense of humor and likes fun, trendy items? While a simple, heart-shaped pendant might appeal to most moms, taking the time to consider what she really likes and already wears shows how much you care.

Find out what Mom already has before you go shopping for jewelry.

If you have the opportunity, take a look inside her jewelry box. This is even more important if you or other family members have bought her jewelry before – not even Mom wants to get the same bracelet twice! Does she tend toward simple pendants or big, chunky pieces? Gold or silver? Maybe you’ll find lots of bracelets but not so many necklaces. Just like looking at what she wears shows you her preferences, seeing what she already has can give you a bigger picture of what jewelry gifts for Mom are likely to be most welcome.

Consider Your Family and Mom’s Interests

Once you know the type of thing your mom likes, consider how you can incorporate additional meaningful elements. If your mom enjoys sports, maybe she’d like a pendant with the logo of her favorite team. A great idea for Mother’s Day jewelry is to commemorate a recent family trip with a charm bracelet highlighting the places that you visited. Mother’s rings and necklaces with the birthstones of all the children in the family are wonderful traditional jewelry gifts for Mom.

Honor the People Mom Loves

Photo Square Premium Stainless Cremation JewelryMost of us have lost people in our lives that we love, and honoring those loses can be especially meaningful. If your mother has lost someone special recently, why not choose a piece of memorial jewelry as a gift. Choose from necklaces, rings, earrings, and more, all designed to honor those we’ve lost. If you have a photograph of your mother and her mother, why not have it engraved on a photo engraved pendant and give it as a Mother’s Day jewelry gift. You’ll show your mother how much you’re thinking of her.


Have a Budget Before You Shop

Most of our mothers don’t want us spending too much or going into debt to give them a gift. Show Mom that you’ve put her good advice on saving money to work by setting yourself a budget and sticking to it. If you know what you have to spend and stick to looking at jewelry options only in that range, you’ll be able to narrow your search more quickly. You can find a great deal of beautiful, quality jewelry for less than $100, so there’s no need to break the bank.Glint Heart Locket Stainless Steel Jewelry with engraving

Customize Your Jewelry Gifts for Mom

Once you’ve picked out a meaningful jewelry gift for Mom that’s in your budget, why not see if you can have it engraved? Many jewelers and online jewelry retailers offer custom engraving at an affordable price. Add a special message for your mom or simply your initials and the date. It’s the little extra touches that make a gift special.

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