Unique Gifts for Dad

Whether it’s Father’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday, finding unique and unusual gifts for Dad can be a challenge. Instead of the standard tie, aftershave, or silly gadget that will sit on his desk and gather dust, consider these different gift ideas for Dad that he’ll actually use and enjoy.

Pocket Tools

Pocket Knife isolated on white background

Small tools that can be carried in the pocket can be great gifts for Dad. The traditional Swiss Army knife is a classic, of course, but there are a variety of other multi-tools that can make Dad’s life easier. Some of these items include 15 or more tools, including pliers, screwdrivers, saws, and more. If your dad likes to go camping, fishing, or cycling, look for one that includes specialized tools to support his hobby.

Some men prefer not to carry an actual pocket knife with them, as it can cause security concerns in airports and in some buildings. As an alternative, you might consider a tool with a bottle opener, screwdriver, and/or wrench.

Grilling and Cooking

In many families, the grill is Dad’s domain. There are a wide range of specialty grilling tools available, from rotisseries to salt blocks to flavor food. If you know the kinds of foods that he likes to cook, aim for presents for Dad that make his job easier or more fun. A new set of tools could make a great gift, as could a kit to make cleaning the grill easier.

If your dad likes cooking indoors and out, consider gifts that he can use in the kitchen as well. A collection of specialty salts might appeal to the foodie in your life, as may artisanal olive oils or vinegars. Consider high end, fresh spices as well. Are there foods that Dad loves but hasn’t had a chance to make or try? Buy the ingredients and give them as Father’s Day gifts, along with the recipe.

DIY KitsCoffee roasting equipment could make a great gift for Dad.

Looking for a hobby or DIY gift ideas for Dad? Consider a do-it-yourself kit for beer brewing or making flavored vodka or spirits. A cocktail book or set could be a great accompaniment. If Dad’s not one for drinking, there are many options for making your own hot sauce or barbeque sauce, kombucha tea, or cheese. Let Dad experiment with roasting his own coffee with a home coffee roaster and a bag of green coffee beans. Who knows – you may get a homemade gift on your next birthday!

Gardening Gifts

If Dad likes spending time in his garden, consider a new set of hand tools or a padded kneeler to make his work easier. For the beginning gardener, consider a selection of vegetable seeds or seedlings as gifts for Dad – you might combine hot pepper plants with a recipe for making hot sauce. Consider indoor plants and kits as well, including bonsai trees, grow your own avocado sets, and more.

Subscription Services

Looking for gifts for Dad that keep on giving? With monthly subscription services, your dad will get a new treat each month. While there are a variety of wine or beer-of-the-month clubs, you can also find services that will send fresh fruit, hot sauce, coffee, and other treats. Whether Dad’s a fan of superheroes, video games, books, or something else, there’s a subscription box full of items that he’ll love. Depending on the subscription you choose, prices can range anywhere from $12 to $100 or more a month, so make sure that you know how much it will cost you before you buy.

Personalized Gifts

Whether you choose something classic or trendy, personalization can make any birthday or Father’s Day presents special. Many multi-tools can be engraved with Dad’s name or a brief message, for example, or you might have Dad’s initials engraved onto a nice set of new gardening tools. If Dad wears jewelry, consider a dog tag necklace engraved with his name or even a photo. Taking that extra step to customize and personalize a gift, no matter what it is, can make it even more meaningful.

A New Take on Traditional Gifts

If you choose socks or a tie as a gift for Dad, go with quality over novelty.Sometimes, a pair of socks or a new tie is the right choice for Father’s Day gifts. Instead of the standard generic striped tie or black socks, give your presents for Dad a touch of personality! Bright and patterned socks have been very trendy for several years, but even if your dad is a bit more conservative, you can find high quality socks made with luxurious materials in more subtle solid colors. High end socks can cost $35 – $60 or more, but you can also find stylish, quality socks for $20 or less.

If Dad wears ties, take a look at what he already has and see if there is room for expansion. While novelty ties might be traditional Christmas gifts for Dad, consider something more upscale and wearable. Ties with a subtle check pattern or small dots can add style without being distracting. Stripes, of course, are classic, as is the paisley, and every man should own a good solid color tie. The best ties are typically made of silk, wool, or cashmere. Look for a tighter, heavier material, which will usually indicate higher quality. If you’re not sure what size tie your dad prefers, go with a standard length. The width of the tie should be proportionate to the lapels on the suit or blazer it will be worn with.

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