Cremation Urns

Frequently Asked Questions
I have extra cremains. What should I do with them?

If there are any remaining cremains, a keepsake urn, scattering urn, or cremation jewelry is recommended.

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What is cremation?

A comprehensive overview of cremation is offered on our Cremation Facts page.

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How do I open and close an urn?

There are many different ways of sealing an urn. Below we list a variety of ways that cremation urns are sealed.

  • Threaded lid
  • Bottom opening plate sealed with screws
  • Bottom opening plate sealed with adhesive such as epoxy or silicone
  • Threaded plug on the bottom of the urn

A majority of our product descriptions include the opening type. If a description does not identify the opening type please feel free to contact us .

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What are keepsake urns?

Keepsake urns are used to hold small amounts of cremains. They are typically used in a situation where multiple family members or friends will take a keepsake to remember their loved ones. Keepsake urns are typically offered in sizes between 1 – 50 cubic inches.

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What size urn should I buy?

Choosing the correct size urn is as simple as looking at the 'Volume' information shown in product pages. The volume will show how many cubic inches the urn will hold. For example, a 150 lb individual at time of cremation will produce approximately 150 cubic inches of cremains. This means there will be 1 cubic inch of cremains for every 1 pound at time of cremation.

Individual Urns: When purchasing an individual urn (an urn entire to hold the entire cremains of an individual) you should choose a size that is at least equal to their body weight. If a person weighs 150 lbs you will want to select an urn no smaller then 150 cubic inches.

Keepsake Urns: Many families also choose to purchase keepsakes which will hold a small portion of the cremains. Keepsakes are normally used with an individual urn so multiple family members can have a special momento of their loved ones.

Companion Urns / Double Urns:Companion urns are frequently used when a couple wants to have their cremains together. These larger urns will typically accomodate 400-450 cubic inches. Some larger individuals over 230 lbs may require these larger urns as well.

Pet Urns: When purchasing an urn for a pet it is important to consider the cremation process is completed differently and they oftentimes need a slightly larger urn than a human may at the same healthy weight. It is suggested to add an additional 10-15 cubic inches to the urn to accommodate the extra space used. So, if your pet had a healthy weight of 50 lbs. it recommended to purchase an urn that is 60-65 cubic inches in size.

For more helpful information please see the following article: "How to Select the Right Size Cremation Urn".

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