Jewelry Memorials

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I seal my cremation jewelry?

Visit our instructions on how to fill cremation jewelry

Cremation jewelry is commonly sealed with adhesives such as epoxy or superglue to permanently seal the pendant. We recommend the use of epoxy as it offers the strongest bond. If you need assistance in the process of sealing your jewelry, we recommend contacting your local jeweler or funeral home.

Please note, only one fill kit will be sent with per shipment. This kit can be used for sealing over 20 jewelry pendants. If you should desire more fill kits they can be purchased separately HERE.

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Is it ok to wear my cremation jewelry in the shower or during swimming?

Please review our written care instructions here: Jewelry_Care_Instructions.pdf

Although some families choose to wear their cremation jewelry during showering and swimming, we do not recommend this to customers. The minerals in common tap water will eventually cause the jewelry to tarnish. Jewelry should also not be worn while bathing or any other strenuous activity (like exercise or gardening).

To preserve the life of your cremation jewelry follow these basic recommendations. Periodically, your cremation jewelry may need to be cleaned. Please refer to the section below to see cleaning instructions that are specific to the type of jewelry you have chosen. If you are not sure what type of jewelry you have, please refer to your order form or call 1-800-979-8767 to speak with a Perfect Memorials customer service representative.

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