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Hoof or Foot Print 14k Gold Large Signet Ring - Engravable (PM6299)

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Product Information

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. This item will ship approximately 4 weeks after we receive your ink kit with the prints.
Outsize Size:
7/16" W x 9/16" H

The Hoof or Foot Print 14k Gold Large Signet Ring is a great way to remember your beloved pet. Each ring is created using an impression of the pets hoof or foot. Prints are taken using an ink kit that is sent to you and an exact replica is captured on, 14k gold or a 14k white gold ring. Wear this ring as a cherished memorial or give it to a friend or family member as a heartfelt gift. This ring also comes with a presentation box.

Ring Process

Optional Engraving
Engraving on the inside of the ring can be done. A block or script style font can be used – see images above for examples. Engraving can be up to 2 lines. The first line of engraving can have up to 20 characters and the second line can have up to 8 characters.

Capturing the Print

Capturing the Print

Step 1: Gather some scrap paper to take practice prints. Clean and dry the hoof or foot being printed. Remove ink strip from order card. Carefully peel back the top sheet and place either sheet ink side up. Placing the ink strip on a clip board or taping it to a firm surface such as an old magazine works well.

Step 2: Move the ink pad to the animal, gently rubbing it on the hoof or foot (if allowed) two to three times. Bring the scrap paper to the inked paw and gently touch it. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the look of the practice prints. The ink is vegetable-based and will not harm you or your pet.

Step 3: Re-ink the hoof or foot and create fresh prints on the order card or a clean index card.

Step 4: Use a wet paper towel to clean off excess ink from the animal. Place all scraps and ink strips in the trash.

Step 5: Fill out the required information for engraving and shipping. Staple the best prints to the order card. Artisans will select the best print for casting and will clean up unwanted hair lines, etc.

Tips for Taking Great Prints

  • Choose a time of the day when your animal is most content (perhaps right after eating)
  • Practice the motions of taking the print without using the ink, so your pet becomes familiar with the idea and thinks of it as play
  • When ready to use the ink, work in an area where an errant print can easily be cleaned