History of American Funeral Customs

A funeral is defined as a ceremony which marks a persons death. According to research, funeral rites have been around for at least 300,000 years. A funeral can include prayers, memorials, and various rituals, and among different cultures, funeral customs vary greatly. A funeral also may or may not be religious depending on the families beliefs. Throughout the course of history funerals rites and customs have undergone many changes and the history of funeral customs is quite interesting.

Funerals in the United States have been around as long as the country itself but have undergone many changes throughout the years. While funerals of the past focused on a person's death, the focus has now shifted to a celebration of the deceased person's life, and more emphasis is being placed on individual expression of feelings through music, eulogies, and a variety of other means. The amount of cremations in the United States has risen to more than 28% which includes Roman Catholics, although the Roman Catholic church did not allow cremations until 1963. Americans now know much more about the environment than they did in the past, and this means that more and more people are choosing eco-friendly caskets as well as promoting “green cemeteries”.

Funerals have not only changed throughout time in the United States but in many other countries as well. The funeral rites and passages that are practiced are very different in many countries and in each different culture. With time, funeral customs will probably continue to change and evolve as they have in the past.

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